manoeuvre [Updated April 2008] 

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Debut Event




Andy Lewis, DE

2008 GM

   Another Trial Tournament for Sampler Showcase ...

The key for this tournament is you must play the different countries. You will be allowed to play one country a maximum of twice and all other seven countries one time at most for the entire tournament. The Swiss portion will be three games. All three games will use the same map layout. High die roll will be first player and get choice of friendly map edge or first choice of country. Each game will last a maximum of 75 minutes. Bonus points will be added to the scores of games which are completed in the time limit.

Top eight players based on record, then points, will advance to single elimination. Different map layouts will be used in each round. The Final will be two matches with the winner based on total points.

Please check the tournament site for map layouts and points awards. see

 GM      Andy Lewis  [1st Year]   NA  
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