goa [Updated April 2008]

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   Ballroom B

Alex Bove, PA

2007 Champion

2nd: Raphael Lehrer, MD

3rd: Jim McDanold, TN

4th: Mike Kaltman, PA

5th: Charlie Kersten, OH

6th: Raphael Lehrer, MD
Event History
2004    Perrianne Lurie    63
2005    Kevin Walsh    61
2006    Chris Trimmer    48
2007     Alex Bove    40

GM: Bruce Reiff, OH


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Trade your way to Riches ...

At the beginning of the 16th century: beautiful beaches, wonderful climate, and one of the most important trading cities in the world. Competing companies trade with spices and send their colonists into the world and invest their money. Of most importance is how you manage your spices to grow a successful company: should you build more effective ships? Build more effective plantations? Attract more colonists? The best strategy is the one that creates the most successful business. Goa: wealth and glory, but not without risk!

The game will not be taught during the event. Ask Jay to teach you sometime during the week before entering the event.

Goa WBC Event Rules
1. The time limit has been extended to two and a half hours. We will terminate games and declare winners if necessary. You will not be allowed to play if you don't know the game rules.
2. Your results from the two heats are not cumulative. We use your best score if you play both heats.
3. A game winner has the best score, and we use cash on hand to break ties. If there are still ties in the heats, then all tied players are declared winners. In the semi-finals and Final, there are no shared wins. The next tiebreaker after cash is the highest sum of spices + ships + colonists. Next is a random draw.
4. Sixteen winners advance to the semi-finals. Fewer advance if there are less than 16 winners. If there are more than 16 winners, we use the BPA MESE tie breakers, then score, then cash on hand, then spices + ships + colonists to break ties (and then random draw if necessary).
5. Rio Grande rules are in effect. The FAQ posted at boardgamegeek.com is also in effect.
6. You must discard down expedition cards after you draw, not before. This is the Rio Grande rule and counters the game designer's ruling.
7. FAQ: You may discard a just-purchased plantation if your plantation display is full. You do not have to discard one from your display.
8. FAQ: The only expedition card that can be played during an action is the "player receives two colonists" card.
9. FAQ: Expedition cards marked with an "A" must be played before you do the action.
10. FAQ: You may not bid money you do not have.

 GM      Bruce Reiff [2nd Year]   NA  
    bdreiff@aol.com   NA

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