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Debut Event




GM: Rob Doane, MA

Newer Wooden Ships ...

Flying Colors will make its first appearance as a tournament at WBC in 2008. We will play three preliminary rounds followed by a two-round playoff.

Format: Swiss Elimination

Round 1 Cape Ortugal
Round 2 El Ferrol
Round 3 DYO scenario
Semi-finals Cape Henry
Final Minorca

Selecting sides: First, players secretly select what side they want by placing a counter from that fleet in their hand. If players pick opposite sides play proceeds normally. If players pick the same side, roll dice to determine the first bidder. Players then bid negative modifiers to their break checks to play the side with the higher audacity. Bids of 0 are allowed. For example, Player A and Player B are playing Gut of Gibraltar. Player A wins the die roll and bids -1 to play the British. Player B may then bid -2 for the British or let Player A have them. If he chooses the latter, Player A will subtract 1 from all his break checks.

Rules: The preliminary rounds and playoffs will use slightly different rules as follows:
Rounds 1-3: Normal defensive fire rules apply. Break checks are handled as outlined in 18.2, i.e. players start making break checks as soon as they have a ship flipped to its damaged side.

Playoffs: Optional defensive fire rules (explained in 12.4 of the rulebook) may be used if both players agree. Break checks are made per the standard rules (after a ship strikes, sinks, or is captured).

The optional "End of the World" rule will not be used, so ships must stay on the map.

Time limits: Preliminary rounds will run for two hours. Games that do not conclude by the two-hour mark will be stopped and a winner will be declared based on victory points earned. A tie is possible and both players will earn points if this occurs (see below).

Pairings: Opponents for round 1 will be determined randomly. Subsequent rounds will match opponents with similar records.

DYO: In round 3 we will play DYO scenarios using section 18.1 in the rulebook as a guideline. Stock fleets will be made available ahead of time (email if you would like to review them before the tournament) for those who wish to setup and play immediately. Otherwise, the following procedures will be used:

1. Do not bid for sides. If both players pick the same side, roll a die. Winner gets his choice.
2. Players will be allotted 35 points to spend in building their fleet. Ships and commanders are worth their VP values in points. A fleet must begin with at least one commander.
3. Roll a die, adding any unspent build points to the roll. The winner becomes Player A and is awarded 1 Audacity. Player B has 0 Audacity.
4. The wind direction automatically begins at direction 2.
5. Use Map A. No shoals are in play. Player A enters in formation from the north edge of the map (direction 1 is north). Player B enters from the south edge (direction 4). Both fleets must enter from the middle section of the map which is defined as the portion between hexrows 25xx and 55xx (inclusive).

Advancement: Four players advance out of the preliminary rounds based on BEST record with non-participation in a round counting as a LOSS. Points will be used as the tiebreaker and are earned as follows:

Win as the side with the lower audacity 3 points
Win as the side with the higher audacity 2 points
Tie 1.5 points
Lose 1 point
Non-participation in the round 0 points

If ties remain, semi-finalists will be determined based on the following, in this order: head to head records, points earned by opponents, die roll.

GMT will provide a merchandise certificate to the winner. Winner gets first pick, 2nd place gets second pick, 3rd place gets what's left of the following prizes donated by the GM:1. Book on naval history - Smithsonian History of Warfare: War at Sea in the Age of Sail 1650-1850 by Andrew Lambert; 2. Audio CD - "Musical Evenings with the Captain Vol. I/Music from the Aubrey - Maturin Novels of Patrick O\'Brian"; 3. Souvenir piece of wood from USS Constitution.

 GM      Rob Doane  [1st Year]   1 Springfield St. #A202, Chicopee, MA 01013   617-372-2729

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