crusader rex [Updated April 2008]

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  Lampeter   Paradise Terrace, Table 3   

Ron Draker, WA

2007 Champion

2nd: Joe Pabis, VA

3rd: Jim Miller, VA

4th: Mike Buccheri, MD

5th: Jerry Taylor, VA

6th: Rob Buccheri, MD
Event History
2007    Ron Draker    12

GM: Ric Manns, IN


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Richard the Blockhead ...

Crusader Rex is a game of the Third Crusade. One player plays the Christian Franks, the other, the Muslim Saracens. The objective of the game is to take control of the majority of the Victory Cities such as Jerusalem, Acre, Damascus, and Antioch. The board depicts the Middle East from Antioch in the north to Egypt in the south.

Players will do an open bid to play the Saracens. The players will bid the number of blocks removed from the Saracens random draw and added to the initial Franks set up. Last year's average bid was two blocks.

Game design is by the award winning team of Jerry Taylor and Tom Dalgliesh (Hammer of the Scots - numerous game awards).

Players will need to download the newest version 1.4 of the rules from Columbia Games Website. We will be playing a quick Single Elimination format with a Mulligan Round allowing players so inclined a minimum of two plays.

 GM      Ric Manns  [1st Year]   NA   812-754-0922

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