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   Conestoga 2  Paradise Terrace Table 6

Bruce Reiff, OH

2000 Champion

2nd: Christina Hancock, IL

3rd: Jim Bell, MD

4th: John Coussis, IL

5th: Mark Love, MD

6th: -
Event History
1992    Randy Cox      17
1993    Joe Bellas      30
1994    Bruce Reiff      39
1995    Alan Ernstein      29
1996    Ken Gutermuth      30
1997    Chuck Foster      20
1998    Jeff Otto      17
1999    Kathy Hitchings     17
2000    Bruce Reiff     25

GM: Bruce Reiff, OH


AREA Boardgamegeek 

Speaking of Crooked Politicians ...

SPECIAL ELECTION YEAR FEATURE: Do you have what it takes to become the next presidential candidate? Can you manipulate your way through the state primaries and party convention? Are you more honest than the Clintons? Stop by and join your fellow politicians on Wednesday morning at 10:00 am in this election year golden oldie to become this year's Candidate. The tournament will be single elimination with rounds of two hours. Any primaries not resolved after two hours of play will be added to the Undecided box and the convention will start. This event usually lasts two rounds. A field of more than 36 players will require a third round. The Super Tuesday Optional Rule will be used.

Candidate provides a player with many options in which to gather the required majority of electoral votes to advance. Will you campaign in every state or pick your primaries to campaign while laying groundwork during the small primaries, use your Favorite Son to win a significant state, or give an opponent the dreaded 3 vote states. Our past champions have been the ones
who have balanced groundwork and campaigning to position themselves for the convention. The convention (where the politician with the lowest vote total is eliminated) has proven to be the deciding factor in each of the championship games. Only 10% of all the convention games have been decided before the convention. The favorites in the tournament have been those who have used the last few primaries before the convention to position their campaign cards for the convention. Groundwork and Bandwagons have provided many game winners with the extra cards required to secure victory. Be careful of the lure of the large states: California, Florida, Texas, and New York. These states rarely make it through the primaries without ending up in the Undecided box.

The GM will be playing in this event and will designate two players as assistant GM's.

 GM      Bruce Reiff [6th Year]  NA
    NA   NA

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