combat commander [Updated April 2008]

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   Constoga 2    Lampeter

 Paradise Terrace, Table #3

Bob Heinzman, FL

2007 Champion

2nd: David des Jardins, CA

3rd: Chris Storzilla, NJ

4th: Ray Stakenas, MI

5th: Bruce Young, SC

6th: Dennis Nicholson, NY
Event History
2007    Bob Heinzman    48

GM: Joel Tamburo



The Latest from GMT ...

Winners in the Mulligan Round receive a first round bye, while losses do not count.

Starting with the first round, each match will give players a choice of scenarios to play. Both players must agree otherwise the scenario designated as default is chosen. The scenarios will start out from Combat Commander: Europe and as the event progresses scenarios from Combat Commander: Mediterranean and the Paratroop pack will be added to the mix.

A demonstration precedes the Mulligan Round on Wednesday night.

GMT will provide merchandise credits to the four medalists of this event. The GM will be providing additional prizes (DVDs) to both finalists. The winner chooses the desired DVD first and the runnerup gets the other one.

 GM      Joel Tamburo  [2nd Year]   NA   NA

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