amun-re [Updated April 2008]

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 Ballroom B     Paradise Terrace, Table #7

Sam Atabaki, CA

2007 Champion

2nd: Curt Collins II, MD

3rd: Brian Kowal, WI

4th: Nick Anner, NY

5th: Greg Crowe, VA

6th: Mike Kaltman, PA
Event History
2003    Arthur Field     85
2004    Evan Tannheimer     73
2005     Nick Anner     53
2006    Arthur Field     49
2007     Sam Atabaki     57

GM: Jeremy Billones



Welcome to Ancient Egypt, land of the pyramids.

Tournament Format

Players compete to build the largest pyramids, then suffer the flooding of the Nile and rebuild.

Play will consist of two preliminary heats. All are welcome to play in either or both. Game winners will advance, using alternates only if necessary to fill the field to 16, 20 or 25. In the event that we have more than 25 game winners, they will advance to the semi-finals using the WBC-wide HSW tie-breaking procedure:

a) Players who won the first Heat they played in
b) Players who won both heats
c) Players who failed to win in Heat 1, but won in Heat 2
d) [Amun-Re Specific] Finished second in both heats
e) Average ordinal finish
f) high die roll

(Based on results from last year, points cannot be fairly compared across two different games; the spread between a high scoring game and a low scoring game, which is often out of the player's control, is too wide.)

If less than 25winners appear for the Semis, they will be evenly spread out amongst as many games as it takes with the extra players seated randomly. The field will be contracted to 20 or 16 as necessary, with alternates being used to fill up to the next largest field. All winners in the Semis will advance to a five-player Final (Four-player from a 16 field).

Every attempt will be made to play five-player games at the Heats. All games with less than five participants will have the same provinces removed from play (Abydos, Amarna and Kharga), and the Power Card bonus card will be reduced from a seven card requirement to a six cards requirement.

The game cannot be taught during the event. You must attend the scheduled Demo session or learn the game on your own.

 GM      Jeremy Billones  [4th Year]   NA   NA

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