advanced civilization [Updated April 2008]

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    Kinderhook   Paradise Assembly Table 7

Kevin Youells, FL

2007 Champion

2nd: Chris Robbins, UT

3rd: Shantanu Saha, NY

4th: Russell Harley, WA

5th: Robert Vollman, AB

6th: Rich Jenulis, OH
Event History
1991    Alan Behrens      24
1992    Dan Vice      48
1993    Dan Vice      37
1994    Ken Rothstein      35
1995    Michael Neal      40
1996    Joe Gundersen      28
1997    Todd Vander Pluym      23
1998    Eric Gundersen      34
1999   Doug Galullo      38
2000   Eric Gundersen    27
2001   Doug Galullo    19
2002   Doug Galullo    20
2003   Joe Gundersen    28
2004   Harald Henning    31
2005   John Morris    34
2006    Joe Gundersen    33
2007    Kevin Youells    30

GM: Shantanu Saha



Great Leaders Make Great Civilizations

Advanced Civilization is a game where each player starts with a single nomadic tribe with no skills. As the supreme leader of your people, you use your abilities to grow and develop your people into a powerful and glorious empire. The question is - do you have what it takes to be written into history as an enlightened ruler of an Advanced Civilization?

Advanced Civilization is a challenging game requiring both skill and stamina. Players must manage their board position, financial accounts, their neighbors and the all important civilization advances. Excellent diplomatic, military and trading skills are needed to do well.

This year the format allows two opportunities to qualify eight players for the Final (Friday 0900). Each qualifying heat will be eight hours long. For the qualifying heats, players will be dispersed among the boards randomly. The final round will consist of the best eight players from the qualifying heats.

Beginners are welcome to attend this tournament. Beginners will be coached by the other players at their table and are free to ask for advice from other players. Alternatively, beginners may coordinate with the GM for a special training session. All players are expected to play to completion any game in which they start.

 GM      Shantanu Saha [1st Year]    NA     NA

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