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David Gantt, SC

2006 Champion

2nd: Peter Reese, VA

3rd: Robert Vollman, ON

4th: Robert March, CA

5th: Melvin Casselberry, PA

6th: Tom Vickery, NJ
Event History
2006    David Gantt    28

Mark McLaughlin, CT

2007 GM

the Game’s Designer

AREA Boardgamegeek Boardgamegeek
Laurels Rio Grande Games

while Nappy is away …

Adapted from Mark McLaughlin’s “The Napoleonic Wars", this sequel covers the campaigns in Spain and Portugual between 1812 and 1814 where Wellington distinguished himself before his big date at Waterloo against Nappy himself. The game is shorter and simpler than its predecessor due to the lack of diplomatic and naval elements that made its predecessor such a tour de force. As such, play is much more battle oriented with many battle cards in evidence.

Simplified diplomacy is represented as the four players play in two teams (Spain & Britain vs France Nord & France Sud), yet ultimately, only one of the four can win.

 GM      Mark McLaughlin [2nd Year]   NA  
    mgmprsm@yahoo.com   NA
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