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 DRAFT: Hopewell      Cornwall   Table #4

Mark Giddings, NY

2006 Champion

2nd: Rich Moyer, MN

3rd: Ilan Woll, CT

4th: Harry Flawd, PA

5th: Brian Stone, NY

6th: John Welage, OH
Event History
1991      Mike Ryan      21
1992      John Brandeberry        9
1993      Mike Ellsworth      16
1994      Randy Cox      16
1996      Jon Diminnie      11
1997      Henry Richardson        8
1998      Harry Flawd III        9
1999     Randy Cox     18
2000     Carl Coscia     20
2001     Mike Hazel     24
2002     Ken Samuel     20
2003     Gordon Elgart     18
2004      Chris Palermo     22
2005     Harry Flawd     19
2006      Mark Giddings     36

Chris Palermo, NY

2007 GM



Play Ball! …

Superstar Baseball (SSB) will again use Randy Cox’s Ultimate All-Time All-Star charts released at the 2004 WBC. SSB will be run as a “B” event, with a 1 hour demo on Tuesday, followed by a 1-hour draft meeting. During that meeting, teams will be drafted.

There will be no ’heats.” Instead, players should feel free to play any other opponent, any other time. Managers will be given stickers or buttons, which they can wear on their badges, to show they are part of the tournament. However, to aid players in finding each other, a sign-up sheet will be attached to the kiosk. Players should feel free to try to schedule any games through that method. Also, with March Madness heats being run nearby, the meeting of sports fans should make finding opportunities even easier.

Tally sheets will be left in the kiosk, and will be available throughout the convention. Boxscore sheets will also be provided, for those managers that wish to track that information (which is entirely optional).


During the first meeting, managers will draft their franchise (not a player by player draft). Managers will also be given tally sheets for recording all games played.

To avoid the problem last year (where latecomers got better picks than those attending the draft), this year, ALL teams will be represented twice in the initial draft. There will also be a maximum of 56 players in the tournament. Consequently, a late-comer will no longer have the option to select a better team than those who attended the draft).

After the initial draft, late-joining managers can locate the GM, Chris Palermo, to receive tally sheets and teams on a first come, first served basis, if they wish to play (check with the registration desk). Only teams not previously selected will be eligible for selection.


Teams can play each other a MAXIMUM of three times. Extra plays will be disregarded. Additionally, there will be a maximum of nine games that can be turned in each day.

After each game, the opposing manager must sign the tally sheet. Opposing managers should not sign the tally sheet until all the information is completed. The only information that must be presented to the GM are the teams involved, the date of the game, the scores and the pitchers, as well as any ’notable’ occurrences. The tally sheet should be filled in from top to bottom—do not skip games.

Completed tally sheets should be turned in at the registration desk NO LATER than 6pm each day. Any recordsheets not turned in by the 6 pm nightly deadline would count towards games played the following day. Each day can still only have “nine” games played.

Each day, the ’standings’ will be updated and posted on the event’s kiosk (which will be located at the same place, each day—in the Paradise Terrace Kiosk display.

All games must be completed/turned in by Saturday at 6pm.

Schedule: Sheets will be turned in Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday by 6pm. Updated standings will be posted for Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning, with final standings Saturday evening.


There will be a change to the scoring system from last year. First, since all teams are not created equally, a handicapping system has been put in place. Each game, depending upon the teams involved, a specific amount will be added to each team’s score, to offset the difference in abilities. This is NOT something the managers need to track—it will automatically be added as results are tabulated. These handicapping modifications for each team are listed below.

Teams receive five qualifying points for the first win against a team; three qualifying points for any subsequent wins; one qualifying point for any loss

HOWEVER, teams will also receive the handicap modification EQUAL to the number of points scored by the opposing team (so, in the case of a first-time loss against a team, the losing team would receive points equal to the handicap modification times five (the number of points the opposition received for winning).

Yankees: 8; Padres: 4; first time playing:
Yankees receive 5 pts (5 + 0*1); Padres receive 1.9 pts (1 + 5*0.18)

Yankees: 8; Padres: 4; second time playing:
Yankees receive 3 pts (3 + 0*1); Padres receive 1.54 pts (1 + 3*0.18)

Padres: 4; Pirates 1; first time playing:
Padres receive 5.18pts (5 + 1*0.18); Pirates receive 1.5 pts(1 + 5*0.10)

Padres: 4; Pirates 1; second time playing:
Padres receive 3.54 pts (3+1*0.18); Pirates receive 1.3 pts (1 + 3*0.10)

Using this method will help mitigate the hesitancy to play the same team more than once, since the extra points will prove beneficial. Again, these stats are NOT things that need to be kept track of ­ they will be adjusted as each day’s standings are posted.


Once all games are completed, the top EIGHT “point totals” will be compared, and ranked in order of winning percentage, with the top SIX teams advancing to the Playoffs (#6vs#3; #5vs#4, with those winners facing the #1 and #2 teams respectively).

There is an advantage to playing more games-the system rewards those who play frequently (i.e., Play often, Play well).

Laurels will be awarded in the following order:

Loser of the #5vs#4 game: 6th place
Loser of the #6vs#3 game: 5th place
Loser of the 5/4vs#2 game: 4th place
Loser of the 6/3vs#1 game: 3rd place
Loser of the World Series: 2nd place
Winner of the World Series: 1st place

The World Series will be announced either directly before or after Slapshot (11pm, Saturday evening), with the game scheduled to be played at 9am on Sunday (but, with only two players, can be scheduled any time they prefer). Additionally, the results will be listed on the kiosk.


We may run short on dice ­ if you have Superstar Baseball dice, please bring those this year. Otherwise, because this event is not in one room for a specific duration of time, a nominal deposit of $5 will be collected by the GM for anyone needing the special dice for the game. This money will be returned when the dice are turned in at the conclusion of the tournament. We will, however, only have a limited amount available.

Teams SHOULD roll for home team. Playing the first two games against opponents home and away is recommended, but that is incumbent upon the two managers to determine.

No DH will be used.

Pitchers can start every third day (3-man rotation). Starting pitchers cannot pitch in the two games following a start, regardless of how many or few innings they pitched. Pitchers appearing in relief can pitch a maximum of 5 innings in any game, but MUST sit out the following game, regardless of how many or few innings they pitched.

This year, _I_ will not be tracking pitcher usage. That will be incumbent upon each player. You will still keep track of your pitchers on the tally sheet, and share that with your opponent; but I will not double-check to make sure pitchers were used correctly. If you are beaten by a team that has misused its pitchers, shame on you for not checking! :)

The rules regarding pitcher TIRE ratings will change slightly. If a pitcher is “Tired,” “D” results that are not automatic defensive outs will NOT be converted into automatic hits, but WILL be considered ’empty’ boxes—and the batter permitted to roll. ’D’ results that ARE automatic defensive outs will remain automatic defensive outs.

If you are any sort of baseball fan and you know the basic rules of the game (the REAL game, that is), you should have no problem quickly understanding this easy, yet detailed, simulation.


Yankees: 0
Earlier Negro: 0.06
Athletics: 0.07
Tigers: 0.07
Later Negro: 0.07
Giants: 0.07
Indians: 0.08
Phillies: 0.08
Red Sox: 0.09
Cubs: 0.09
Pirates: 0.10
Braves: 0.11
Twins/Senators: 0.11
Reds: 0.11
Cardinals: 0.12
Orioles/Browns: 0.12
Dodgers: 0.13
Angels: 0.14
White Sox: 0.15
Mets: 0.15
Astros: 0.16
Padres: 0.18
Ragners: 0.19
Expos: 0.21
Royals: 0.23
Blue Jays: 0.24
Mariners: 0.28
Brewers: 0.30

 GM      Chris Palermo  [2nd Year]   NA   NA
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