royal turf

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Lisa Gutermuth, TX

2006 Champion

2nd: Tony Vickery, BC

3rd: Lance Fogel, PA

4th: Marilyn Flowers, MD

5th: Stuart Tucker. MD

6th: Sean McCulloch, OH
Event History
2004     Luke Koleszar     34
2005     Rebecca Hebner     53
2006      Lisa Gutrmuth     26

Frank Cunliffe, PA

2007 GM


Is there room for two horse racing games at WBC? …

Come on, ALBINO!

Single Elimination format will be used but alternates may advance to provide for a six-player game.

Hidden bidding and 0’s in use for all races.

Face 2 Face Games has come out with Winner’s Circle, which is similar to Royal Turf. If you use the Hidden Bets and Royal Turf variants listed at the end of the Winner’s Circle rulebook, it is essentially the same game and will be allowed in the tournament. The default version remains Royal Turf.

A riding crop will be on hand to encourage horses that run too slow.

 GM      Frank Cunliffe [1st Year]   NA   NA
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