Juniors Events 2007
July 24, 2007

Find out more about WBC's Juniors Program, including the requirements to participate. All events take place in Heritage. An adult with a badge must accompany the Junior to Heritage to register for the week. Registration is FREE for Juniors who participate only in Juniors events. All events are Coached, but it is helpful if children are familiar with the games. When possible, Juniors should bring a copy of the games they will play. Listed times are per round. Event winners receive a plaque.

BattleLore Jr.
GM: Phil Barcafer, PA
Fr11 • 3 hours • SE
Play historical and fantasy armies, with your own miniature troops. Choose a Lore Master. Everyone will be divided into teams and play in the single round. Handouts of figures provided.

Blokus Jr.
GM: Daniel Broh-Kahn, MD
We9 (R1/3) • 1 hour • SE
Event Report

Take turns placing pieces on the board, starting from your corner. Each new piece must touch at least one other piece of the same color, but only at the corners! The goal is to get rid of all your pieces.

Bumper Car Arena Jr.
GM: Marc Houde, VA
Su9 (R1/2) • 1.5 hour • SE
You and your friends have taken over the bumper car ride for your own purposes. Players score points for bumping other players cars and going around the track in the proper direction.

Circus Maximus Jr.
GM: Bill Beckman, SC
Sa15 • 3 hours • SE
Race around the track. Ram other chariots, slow down their horses, block the lanes, whip drivers, speed through the corners and try not to flip. All charioteers will race together for maximum mayhem.

Crokinole Jr.
GM: Stan Hilinski, MD
Sa12 (R1/4) • .75 hours • SE Mulligan
Event Report
Parent-Junior two-player teams flick disks onto the board. After everyone has shot their disks, the team with the most points on the board wins. The first round is a Mulligan.

Elchfest Jr.
GM: Dan Dolan, Sr., NJ
Fr9 (R1/5) • .25 hours • SE

Event Report

Two moose face each other across a river. Can they get to the other side and keep their feet dry? Players flick the rocks to form a path. Reach the opposite bank first! GM will bring the giant version!

Guillotine Jr. & 1
GM: Ray Stakenas, MI
We12 (R1/2) • 1.5 hours • SE
Event Report
It’s the French Revolution. As an executioner pandering to the masses, try to behead the least popular nobles. Manipulate the line order to suit you. After three days, the highest total wins.

Liars’s Dice Jr.
GM: Jason Levine, NY
Th9 (R1/2) • 1 hour • SE
Event Report
It’s a gutsy game of bids and bluffs! Should you push the bid higher or challenge the bluff? The winner is the last player with dice. Put on your very best poker face!

Lord of the Rings Jr.
GM: Ed Beach, MD
Fr14 • 3 hours • SE
Event Report
You’re a hobbit with one chance to take the ring to Mordor. The group making it furthest wins a prize. The least corrupt hobbit—ringbearers get bonuses—wins the wood.

LoTR: Confrontation Jr.
GM: James Doughan, PA
Th11 (R1/5) • .5 hours • SE
Event Report
You’re a hobbit with one chance to take the ring to Mordor. The group making it furthest wins a prize. The least corrupt hobbit—ringbearers get bonuses—wins the wood.

Monsters Menace Jr.
GM: Mark Love, MD
Tu18 (R1/2) • 1.5 hours • SE
Event Report
You and three opponents each choose and control one Monster and one branch of the military! You decide where your Monster goes to appease its appetite—by ravaging cities!

Montgolfiere Jr.
GM: John Poniske, PA
Th14 (R1/2) • 1 hour • SE
Soar above the clouds without an airplane wrapped around you. Dump ballast and throw grappling hooks. A balloon race game that is fast, fun, colorful and easy to learn and play.

Princess Ryan’s Jr.
GM: Mark McLaughlin, CT
Sa9 • 3 hours • SE
Event Report
Your crack troop of Star Marines is charged with rescuing Princess Ryan who was kidnapped by the evil Black Guard. Form a team to overcome the enemy while exploring the galaxy.

Settlers of Catan Jr.
GM: Brian Sutton, MD
We18 • 1 hour • SE
Event Report
Vie for control of Catan by building settlements, cities, and roads. Collect raw materials, trade them, and build up your civilization. Kids of Catan available for the younger set.

Slapshot Jr.
GM: Mark Yoshikawa, CA
Fr19 (1/2) • 1 hour • SE
Event Report
A wheeling, dealing game of hockey. Your goal is to manage your team into the playoffs and win the championship. Cheer for Tiny Tim and keep your best players away from the bruisers!

Task Forces at War Jr.
GM: Becky Mauder, MD
Th18 (R1/5) • .5 hours • SE
A two-player introductory card game pitting the Axis’ and Allies’ naval vessels against one another. Secretly select three ships, total combat strengths, sink your opponent’s ships.

Ticket to Ride Jr.
GM: Matthew Beach, MD
We15 (R1/2) • 1.5 hours • SE
Event Report
Collect various types of train cards and claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America. Balance greed for more cards with fear of losing critical routes to competitors.

Titan: The Arena Jr.
GM: Greg Crowe, VA
Th16 (R1/2) • 1 hour • SE

Event Report

Place your bets on who you think will survive these fantasy gladiatorial combats and play your cards to make sure they do. Play two games in the first round. Winners advance.

TransAmerica Jr.
GM: Kathy Stroh, DE
Sa18 (R1/2) • 1 hour • SE

Event Report

Be the first player to build a railroad network to connect your five cities. Lose points if you aren’t yet connected. At the end of the game, the player who has the most points left is the winner!

Trouble Jr. & 1
GM: Bruce Reiff, OH
Event Report
Fr17 (R1/2) • 1 hour • SE
The Junior-est of the Juniors games. Everybody can play Trouble. Pop-a-matic your dice and be the first player to move your pegs around the board and home.Try not to get bumped!

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