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  Lancaster Paradise Terrace, Table #6


the newst Rio Grande hit …

Imperial is a new release by Rio Grande/Eggert-Spiele in which players represent investors who shrewdly manipulate the fates of the Great Nations of pre-WWI Europe in order to increase their personal wealth.

The event will consist of two preliminary heats advancing the top 16 players to a semi-final round. In the unlikely event there are more than 16 heat winners who wish to advance to the semi-final round, the number of players advancing may be increased to 20, 25, 30 or even 36 as appropriate. Any heat winners above 36 will be eliminated using the standard MESE criteria. It is possible that alternates who did not win any heat may advance to the semi-final round. These will be ranked using the standard MESE criteria, with the tie-breaker going to the players who had the highest percentage of the winner’s score, and all second-place finishers ranking above third-place finishers, etc.

The basic rules and setup, including the Investor Card, will be used in all games.

David Bohnenberger, PA

2007 GM


 GM      Dave Bohnenberger  [1st Year]   NA   215-380-1832
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