can’t stop 

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  Ballroom B  

David Burkey, PA

2006 Champion

2nd: Jay Fox, NJ

3rd: Legend Dan Hoffman, MD

4th: Steve Cameron, PA

5th: Matthew
Amitrano, VA

6th: David Fritsch, VA
Event History
2006      David Burkey      104

Jeff Mullet, OH

2007 GM


the new Wednesday nightcap …

This underrated Sid Sackson classic was actually released here in America, but it never did well enough commercially to stay in print for more than a couple of years. The idea is quite simple. There’s a board with all the possible results of two six-sided dice: two through twelve. The object of the game is to move a little marker to the top of three columns by rolling that result, but you need many more seven’s than you need twelve’s, based on the likelihood of each result. During your turn, you roll the dice and place temporary markers onto the board. You can continue moving these markers until either none of your dice match (your turn is over and all progress you’ve made is gone), or cut your losses and end your turn (placing a permanent marker in your rows). Nice light filler for opening or closing a session. There’s liable to be a shortage of games so if you’ve got one, bring it—even a homemade version will work.

 GM      Jeff Mullet  [1st Year]   21683 Ringgold So. Rd, Circleville, OH 43113   NA
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