clash for a continent 

  20   12   20

  Lampeter   Paradise Terrace, Table #2

Ted Drozd, IL

2006 Champion

2nd: Jesse Boomer, KS

3rd: Matthew O’Connor, NJ

4th: David Rohde, NC

5th: Philip Yaure, PA

6th: Dennis Culhane, PA
Event History
2005      Mark McLaughlin      14
2006       Ted Drozd      26

Matt Burchfield, VA

2007 GM



Quick and to the Point …

This is a fast playing tactical game of battles from the French and Indian War and American Revolution. Games play in under an hour, making for a quick tournament. This year the event will have two heats—each playing as a separate self-contained Single Elimination tournament with the winner of each heat meeting in the Final for the grand prize.

The winner will receive three free Worthington Games of their choice with a retail value over $150! Not bad for a few hours of rolling dice and moving blocks.

 GM      Matt Burchfield  [2nd Year]   NA   NA
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