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  Constoga 2/3   Paradise Terrace, Table #4

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Looking for a fast playing, yet realistic, game of World War 2 tactical infantry combat? Looking for a game with drama and sweep that gets the “tactical leader” in you engaged?

Welcome to Combat Commander, GMT’s new card-driven game of squad level infantry combat in WW2. This particular card driven game does not use cards like others (such as We the People and The Napoleonic Wars), but the cards are more evocative of a true Avalon Hill classic Up Front.

The Mulligan round on Wednesday night lets players get into live tournament play without the risk of elimination should they lose, but with the reward of advancement should they win. On Friday, following another demo, it’s on for all the marbles: win and advance or lose and be eliminated.

GMT will provide a merchandise credit to the winner of this event. The GM will be providing additional prizes (DVDs) to the winner and to both finalists. The winner will receive the DVD of Combat! Season 1 Campaign 1. Both finalists will also receive the DVD Cross of Iron.

2007 Combat Commander Tournament Description

  • Wednesday at 7 pm: First of two game demonstrations
  • Wednesday at 8 pm: Mulligan Round. For those unfamiliar with Mulligan rounds, basically you advance if you win but nothing bad happens if you lose.
  • Friday at 9 am: Second of two game demonstrations
  • Friday at 10 am: Elimination Rounds began, and are continuous from this point until the winner is determined.

Initial pairing will be random, with subsequent pairings of winners likewise random. Byes will not be awarded to even out the field unless there is no other alternative (an eliminator player has been lined up for this event).

For each round the players may use any scenario they mutually agree on. If they cannot agree on a scenario, they must play the default scenario as listed below:

  • For the Mulligan Round, we have Scenario 1 (the simplicity should be useful here)
  • For elimination rounds before the semifinals: Scenario 3
  • For the Semi-Final: Scenario 12
  • For the Final: Scenario 10

As with the choice of Scenario, if both players agree on which side they want to play, then proceed. If they cannot agree, they bid VPs in auction style (determine the first bidder randomly by each drawing a card – high die roll number on the card bids first) for the right to choose the side they will play. High bidder chooses their side and the loser gets VPs equal to the winner's bid.

If both players want to use the Scenario generator to create the scenario they will play, that is also permitted with the following addendum:

Complete RS1, RS2 and RS3 exactly as described in the rulebook.  However, before starting RS4 the players bid VPs as described above to choose sides. The high bidder selects which side they will play and the low bidder receives VPs equal to the high bid. Thus, the Nationalities, Troop Qualities, Map and Year will be known before bidding occurs.

Since the winning bid is added to the VP total of the lower bidder, those VPs will be available to determine posture and for expenditure in RS 9.

Good luck and good gaming!

Joel Tamburo, IL

2007 GM


 GM      Joel Tamburo  [1st Year]   NA   NA
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