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   Lampeter   Paradise Terrace, Table 6

Ewan McNay, CT

2006 Champion

2nd: Llew Bardecki, ON

3rd: Barry Smith, NY

4th: Scott Pfeiffer, SC

5th: Mark Smith, KY

6th: David Yoon, NY
Event History
1991      Richard Curtin      39
1992      Duane Wagner      53
1993      Brett Mingo      91
1994      Scott Pfeiffer      73
1995      Randy Schib      69
1996      Scott Pfeiffer      55
1997      David Gantt      52
1998      Jim Jordan      49
1999     Scott Pfeiffer     46
2000     Ewan McNay     62
2001     Mark Smith     42
2002     Ewan McNay     42
2003     Nick Benedict     48
2004     Nick Benedict     34
2005     Rich Curtin     34
2006      Ewan McNay     45

Jim Jordan, MD

2007 GM

Two Top Six GM nominations


The First of the Fast Forward History Games …

Look back into the mists of time…the southern coast of England looms above a dreary channel. Rising from the mist, Roman legions march steadily ashore to sweep across England. Inexorably they cross the countryside, building their forts everywhere. For a time, an uneasy peace is enforced over the land.

When civil wars call the legions home, they leave the verdant fields of Britain open to the Saxon, Angle and Jute invaders. Only the Romano-British stand for the old rule…and their dreams of kingdom are swept away by the fresh blood of the invaders.

Complacency settles over the middle kingdoms. The Welsh entertain ideas of ruling York, and the Picts and Scots squabble in the north. But the Angles and Saxons settle into parrying for predominance so that each might take the title of Bretwalda and farming is the prevailing occupation.

Then the storms begin again! The Danes and the Norsemen strike into long settled territory and the struggle for dominance flares once more. Again, new invaders come to call at the shores of England, this time the Normans, Dubliners and Norwegians. The endgame isn’t settled until the last ruler commands his armies.

Four people control the fate of England, but only one will stand at the end to Rule Britannia! The top 16 winners in the heats advance to the Semi-Final. You need only play in one heat, but of course, may play in as many as you wish.

 GM      James M. Jordan  [9th Year]     NA     NA
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