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  Lampeter Rds   Paradise Terrace, Table 3

Chris Czyrca, MD

2006 Champion

2nd: Evan Seary, NY

3rd: Frank Cunliffe, PA

4th: Sean Druelinger, MD

5th: Fred Gosnell, VA

6th: Tom Pavy, OH
Event History
2006      Chris Czyrca     

Jeff Billings, MD

2007 GM


The Latest Card Game from Lost Battalion …

This is a World War II naval action card game. Command the Axis or Allied navies. Play is quick and easy. Strategy is determined by the play of day or night sortie cards which determine the tempo of the game. If you think this is just a World War II version of Lost Battalion’s popular BRAWLING BATTLESHIPS STEEL, you could not be more wrong. This card game uses an entirely different game system and pits the Allied (Britain, France and the USA) navies against the Axis (Germany, Italy and Japan) navies in games where the timely play of the day or night sortie cards seizes the initiative and sets the game’s tempo. The Japanese battleships are deadly at night but the American Essex-class carriers rule the daylight and the best ships may not always be available. Players command squadrons of Axis or Allied WorldWar Two battleships and aircraft carriers. Submarines, destroyers and mines all play their roles. Determine when and how to seek combat for maximum advantage. Sink enemy vessels and win sorties for victory. This game for two, three or four players is an easy-to-learn, fun and fast-moving game.

Each heat consists of two-player games with each set of two players playing only one hand (a typical “normal” game lasts two or three hands). The players then change opponents, so each player plays three different opponents one hand each during each heat. The total scores for three hands determine the qualifiers. With four heats the goal is to advance two qualifiers from each heat, although this may be varied depending on turnout.

Winning hands is the first qualifier. The tie breaker is overall points scored in the round. Finalist rounds are played using the standard rules, with single elimination advancement. So it is possible to score wood in seven hands.

Lost Battalion Games will provide a $10 Lost Battalion Gift Certificate to all players who make the semi-finals.

 GM      Jeff Billings  [2nd Year]      NA     NA
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