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  Paradise; Paradise Terrace, Table #4

Jeff Cornett, FL

2006 Champion

2nd: Greg Berry, VA

3rd: Ben Knight, MD

4th: David Metzger, NY

5th: James Terry, NJ

6th: Steve Lollis, MD
Event History
2001     Ilan Woll    
2002     Philip Shea    
2003     Josh Githens    
2004      Barry Shoults    
2005     Robert Eastman    
2006     Jeff Cornett    

Peter Card, UK

2007 GM


Capture the Flag: Blue vs. Gray Style …

Tournament Format
The first stage will be a 3-round swiss format over three hours. The first game will be alloted a 15 minute set up time. Each additional game will be allowed 10 minutes for set-up. Each game will be played to a strict 45-minute time limit. When time is called, the current turn for both players can be finished (under a one-minute time limit to pick a card). The game will be decided by flags captured at that time; ties can occur. Players will need to record the number of flags they capture and have captured on record sheets provided by the GM. The initial match-ups will be random, the second and third games will match the leading players against each other.

In the Swiss stage, the players are free to agree who plays which side. If both players insist on playing the same side, there will be an open bid for side. The players will alternate bidding the number of extra discards they are willing to give their opponent. Flip a coin to see who  must open the bidding at one discard or allow his opponent to play the desired side. If a person does not raise the bid, then their opponent gets to play the desired side, but they get the number of extra discards bid.

For each extra discard, the player may discard one card and draw a replacement immediately at the end of their turn, once during the game. This is done after they draw their normal card. The card discarded may be the one just drawn. The player is only allowed to make one extra discard per turn.

Eight players will advance from the swiss stage to a Single Elimination tournament.  The method for breaking ties between players in the first stage will be as follows:

1. Overall Record
2. Total Flags Killed
3. Total Flags Lost
4. Head to Head records
5. Number of games completed within time limit
6. Die roll

In the Single Elimination stage the scenarios will be played twice. The players will randomly choose sides for the first battle and switch sides for the second battle. The winner will be decided as follows:

1. Won both battles
2. Total Flags killed
3. Die roll

The scenarios to be used will be announced. Every effort will be made to select balanced scenarios for the initial Swiss stage.

Late Arrivals, Long Games and Byes
The Swiss stage will be started at 9 am, prompt! The GM will participate, if necessary, to make up an even number but will not advance to the Single Elimination stage.

In the second and subsequent rounds, if you need a short break, arrange it with your opponent before leaving the tournament area. If no arrangements are made, you will have five minutes to appear once a round is started or you will forfeit.

All games will be ended after 45 minutes; adjudication rules are given in the tournament format above.

Rules Interpretations
Please check out the Official FAQ  at

 GM      Peter Card  [2nd Year]     NA     NA
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