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  Conestoga 3; Paradise Terrace, Table 5

Tim Dolan, NJ

2003-05 Champion

2nd: Josh Githens, SC

3rd: Dan Dolan, Jr, NJ

4th: Carolyn DeMarco, NJ

5th: Charlie Kibler, MD

6th: Wendy DeMarco, NJ
Event History
1991    Tara Greenwood        8
1992    Mike Fitzgerald      16
1993    Bruce Harper      25
1994    Megan Brophy      16
1995    John Saunders      16
1996    Don Greenwood      22
1997    Tim Dolan      26
1998    Dan Schulman      33
1999    Dan Dolan Jr     19
2000    Tim Dolan     18
2001    Lee Cohen     26
2002    Dan Dolan Jr     17
2003    Tim Dolan     22
2004    Tim Dolan     18
2005     Tim Dolan     16

AREA Ratings:

GM: Tim Dolan

now the champ is the GM too ...

Nobody can beat the Dolan boys in the ring so we put the fox in charge of the henhouse. Beat 'em if you can. As usual, the event will be Single Elimination in multiple, continuous rounds, each round lasting as long as it takes to "KO" the opponent (typically 30 to 40 minutes). The tournament will be held in the classic style that Charlie devised for the first Wrasslin' tourney at the first "DonCon", whereby each participant acts as the Personal Manager for a "stable" of three Wrasslers. Before the first round each contestant (that is to say, "manager") will select his three wrasslers from a list that rates each wrassler according to his/her strengths and weaknesses. Each manager must maintain his or her personal "stable" of wrasslers throughout the tounament. If all three of your wrasslers take a fall before all of your opponents' do, you're out!

Before each round you have the right to demand the identity of your opponent's three wrasslers, but not the order in which they will appear. Before each round you may secretly arrange your three wrasslers so that your opponent does not know the order of their appearance (however, once the round is underway the wrasslers' order of appearance may not be altered).

Wrasslin' rule 11.33 ("Double Disqualification") is not in effect during this tournament.

The official old AH FAQ and Errata list will be in use:

3.13/9.41 Can a penalized wrestler still be considered a "mobile tag team partner" while being penalized by the referee? A. No

5.4A If the defender attempts to negate a hold with a green card which is itself voided by an attacker's green card, can the defender then continue to play a red card in reaction to affect the original attacker's hold? A. Yes

8.4 May the defender play a Power Surge with no effect in response to an opponent's hold simply to get the card out of his hand? Does a Power Surge played during a wrestler's own turn on the offense last through the remainder of his turn on the defense? A. Yes. No, but a wrrestler may play one Power Surge on offense and another on defense. His "turn" ends when he draws new cards.

9.42 If a penalized wrestler chooses to ignore a Referee warning, must he state his intention to do so before the next player takes his turn? Could a distraction to the second referee void the automatic disqualification? A. No. He states it when his turn arrives again, although he would have already forfeited his ability to draw in the penalized turn. If he draws anyway, that would be a statement of his intention to ignore the warning. Yes.

11.3 If a voluntary exit with an Out-of-Ring card is reversed, does the opposing wrestler leave the ring? A. No. A Reversal can prevent a voluntary exit but it results in the opponent being thrown out of the ring with damage only when it is applied as a hold - not as a voluntary exit.

11.31 Once two wrestlers are both out of the ring, can either wrestler play an Out-of-Ring card as a Hold? A. Yes - and it applies just as much damage as if the wrestler was being thrown out of the ring.

11.32 If a wrestler skips his turn to re-enter the ring, does he still fill his hand? A. No.

11.4 Does a wrestler whose specialty requires "Strength > Opponent's Strength; Agility 1" really need only Agility of 1 without being stronger than his opponent? A. No; he needs both an Agility of 1 AND strength greater than his opponent's.

11.4 When Hot Cocoa uses his Combination Specialty, can his opponent reverse the normal holds played with that Combination? A. Yes

11.4 If the Champ uses his Specialty to remove damage while pinned and thereby increases his strength to that of the attacker, does he break the pin even if he does not remove all of the damage? A. Yes.

11.4 May the Grandmaster use a Specialty as any blue card, including a blue/green Interference card? A. Yes. He has a manager.

11.4 If the Garbage Man plays the Green Spew, may the defender fill his hand during the missed turns? A. No. He must wait until the end of the third missed turn.

11.41 May the Champ remove three Damage cards with his Specialty even if his Recovery rating has been reduced to 1? A. No, he may use his Specialty to remove one more Damage card than his present Recovery rating.

11.5 What happens when a card is played on an opponent illegally (due to that wrestler not having the ability to play that card) which is discovered by the opponent before he turns the play into a legal move by playing another card? A. The misplayed card MUST be returned to the player's hand and his turn ended. He may neither play another card or discard. In essence, he has lost the remainder of his turn. If he has already drawn a replacement card for the illegal play, he must return that replacement card to the middle of the deck.

 GM      Tim Dolan [3rd Year]   NA 
    phlegm@warwick.net   NA

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