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GM: Dominic Crapuchettes

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Game Overview
Wits & Wagers is a trivia betting game where you can bet on answers provided by other players. Part of the game is what you know, part of the game is how well you can read the other players, and part of the game is playing the odds. The trick is that you have to weigh how certain you are about your opinions against the odds on the board. For instance, you seem to remember that George Washington was born between 1735 and 1745. That answer pays out double your bet, but 1725 - 1733 pays four times your bet. Where do you place your bet?

There are no turns in Wits & Wagers. Everyone answers every question and everyone bets on every question. There are only seven questions in a full game which means an average game takes between 15 - 25 minutes to play. Players can bet up to 10 points worth of chips for the first six questions but can bet up to all of their chips on the seventh and final question.

Tournament Overview
The WBC tournament will take place in three rounds. The full tournament is expected to take about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Each round consists of a full game of Wits & Wagers. Points will be awarded to every player based upon where they place in the game:
1st place: 7 points
2nd place: 6 points
3rd place: 5 points
4th place: 4 points
5th place: 3 points
6th place: 2 points
7th place: 1 point

Players with the highest cumulative scores will be placed together for each round. Only tables that have four or more players will get played. The player that has the most cumulative points after three games will be the winner.

All ties are broken in this order:
Most 1st place finishes
Most 2nd place finishes
Most 3rd place finishes and etc

Secondary ties will be broken by who scored higher in the final game.

Wits & Wagers will also be appearing at WBC in a non-tournament form three times as an opportunity to win non-plaque prizes:

WBC's Wits & Wagers Game Show

The Event:
Seven teams will compete in a Wits & Wagers trivia event that lasts 60 minutes. Each team will consist of four to eight players. Winning teams will receive prizes. We'll teach new players the game with a sample question. You can get more information at www.NorthStarGames.com.

Event Times:
Thursday 7pm - 8:30pm
Friday - 6pm - 7:30pm
Saturday - 7pm - 8:30pm

Space will fill up on a first come, first serve basis with this one exception: priority will be given to larger teams and to people who have not entered previously. Ask for the sign-up sheet at our vendor booth if you would like to guarantee your team's space.

Wits & Wagers Game Shows will be held in the stadium seating of the Hopewell room.

The Prizes:
These are the prizes that will be given at each of the three events. Winning teams will need to figure out how to distribute the prizes among themselves.

1st Prize (value $125+): $50 cash, Conquest of the Empire or Railroad Tycoon, Wench, & Everyone receives a $10 off coupon for Wits & Wagers

2nd Prize (value $63+): Carcassonne, Balloon Cup or Lost Cities, Wench & Everyone receives a $10 off coupon for Wits & Wagers

3rd Prize: Everyone receives a $10 off coupon for Wits & Wagers

Expect Wild Guessing and Wild Betting!

 GM      Dominic Crapuchettes  [1st Year]  422 Ridge Rd #8, Greenbelt, MD 20770 
    dominic@northstargames.com   202-253-6070 

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