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 Limerock;  Paradise Terrace, Table #2   

Peter Staab, PA

2005 Champion

2nd: Skip Maloney, NY

3rd: Verity Hitchings, DE

4th: Tom DeMarco, NJ

5th: Kaarin Englemann, VA

6th: John Miklos, GA
Event History
1992    William Patrick      16
1993    William Patrick      16
1994    Tom De Marco      21
1995    Carolyn De Marco      18
1996    Tom De Marco      25
1997    Carolyn De Marco      36
1998    Tom De Marco      39
1999    Mike Lescault     23
2000    Verity Hitchings     23
2001    Verity Hitchings     30
2002    Mark Love     26
2003     Gary Noe     38
2004     Peter Pollard     23
2005    Peter Staab     27

AREA Ratings:

GM: Jeff Finkeldey

A dinosaur plugs along

TYRANNO EX is enjoyable for me because it requires a mix of mental gymnastics based on a healthy dose of memorization and resource optimization. Throw in a bit of long term planning and even some dice rolling and you have one of the earliest Euros to appear at WBC. And if I have anything to say, it won't be extinct any time soon.

This years' tournament continues a two-heat, three-round format. Like many games at WBC, it returns a solid core of long time attendees year after year. I expect the battle for supremacy to include many of these usual suspects along with the occasional newcomer.

I will continue to use the following score tiebreakers: First tiebreaker: A tied player who has their '5' marker will beat one without. Second tiebreaker: The remaining tied players determine the order in which all of their surviving creatures (regardless of current position) would enter the Special Scoring spaces as if they were all moving in from the "9" column at the same time. The owner of the creature that would enter last, i.e. would end up on the "13" point space, will win the tie. Final tiebreaker: The creatures that are tied for entering the "13" point space fight a final battle to establish dominance and victory.

The event will consist of two first round heats. Players arriving a few minutes late may be admitted until all boards have the optimum four players. All board winners (up to a maximum of 16) will advance to the semi-final along with enough runner-ups (ranked by the % of their board's total points) to make a multiple of four. In the unlikely event that more than 16 winners appear for the second round, standard WBC MESE tie-breakers will apply. The top four finishers in the semi will advance to a one-game Final.

The event will use the following official FAQ and errata from the old Avalon Hill:

6.3 /6.5 After placing two disks in one Evolution row, there are still three other Environmental rows that were unaltered but disks in those Evolution rows still outnumbered those in their corresponding Environment rows which were empty. Does this constitute an Environmental change? A. An Environmental Change occurs only in the row where the new disks were placed. Anytime the disks in the Current Environment row are changed, an Environmental change has occurred, even if the type and number of disks in the Current Environment row remain the same.

6.5/6.7 Does extra placement result in an increased strength bonus? A. Only on turn 1. Thereafter, the turns last longer than three rounds and Strength gains are not possible after three rounds.

7.1 Does "oppposing" animal refer to opponent's animals only? Or can you attack your own animals? A. You may not attack your own animals.

7.6/13 Do suppressed animals suffer ill effects in combat when using the optional battle rules? A. Only to the extent that its strength has already been reduced. Note that it could be suppressed again and lose yet another strength level if it has one to lose. An animal which is suppressed twice and has no additional strength levels to lose, suffers no additional penalties. If a suppressed animal wins a subsequent battle it could gain back the strength level it had lost. However, winning a battle does not remove "suppressed" status and thereby enable the animal to score.

8.13 During a Double Advance, do animals advance one column at a time or do animals in the "6" and "9" columns arrive in the Special Spaces simultaneously? A. All animals in the "9" column advance to the Special Spaces before those in the "6" column.

 GM      Jeff Finkeldey [3rd year]   NA 
    JFinkeldey@aol.com    NA

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