twixt [Updated April 2006]

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  Ballroom A   Paradise Terrace, Table 6


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GM: Bavid Bush

abstract from 3M days ...

Twixt is a "connection-type" game dating from the 60's, very similar to Hex. The object is to form a path connecting something to something else. This requires very different thinking from the standard battle-type game such as chess or checkers. Players who dislike abstract battles, may find they have an affinity for making connections

Pure abstracts once again try to get their foot in the door at the WBC! Twixt can get just as deep as your opponent makes it. Do you have what it takes to enter the arena of raw mental conflict?

There will be two preliminary sessions of three hours each. You need attend only one of these sessions. If you enter the first, you may, if you wish, withdraw from the tournament and re-enter for the second preliminary session. If you do this, your results from the first session will not be taken into account, although they will affect your AREA rating. Each prelim session will be three rounds, using a Swiss system to determine the pairings. Each won game will give you a score of one point, and a drawn game during the Swiss portion is worth half a point. The eight players with the best scores from the two sessions will be chosen for the elimination session, which will also be three rounds and three hours long. Details about the tie break system used to determine the top eight, as well as the criteria for determining pairings, are available here. Once the eight finalists are chosen and the pairing chart is posted, players may agree to play earlier than 3 p.m. on Thursday, at their convenience. The GM or an assistant will be on hand to resolve any possible disputes.

For the first Swiss session only, if both players agree, they may postpone their 3rd round game, as long as a GM or assistant will be available to monitor the game, and the game will be completed before the 2nd Swiss session ends.

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 GM      Dave Bush  [1st Year]   148 Discovery Lane, Lexington, VA 24450   NA

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