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  20    9 +

  Lampeter     Paradise Terrace, Table 6

David desJardins, CA

2004-05 Champion

2nd: Aaron Fuegi, MA

3rd: Clifford Smith, PA

4th: Bruno Wolff, WI

5th: Dan Strock, PA

6th: Rick Northey, MA
Event History
1994    Paul Goliwas      26
1995    Bruno Wolff      26
1996    Brian Sutton      17
1997    Brian Sutton      29
1998    Ed Rothenheber      39
1999    Jason Ley     32
2000    Brian Sutton     36
2001    Andrew Gross     30
2002    Dan Strock     36
2003    Aaron Fuegi     25
2004     David desJardins     24
2005    David des Jardins     24 

AREA Ratings:

GM: Rich Atwater

Titan for the socially challenged ...

Welcome back my friends to the tournament that never ends.

If you are new to this most-excellent game, please visit Bruno Wolff's Titan home page for complete information on all things Titan.


Rules are basically the same as a regular Titan game. (Including the clarifications and errata as listed on Bruno's site).
1) To begin, players will roll a die with the higher die roll moving first and starting in that numbered tower. The opponent will begin in the opposite tower. (If players tie, the tied number will be the starting tower and a roll-off will be conducted to determine the player who occupies it.)
2) In the event of a mutual elimination, finish the current battle round and tally all points earned through that battle. (Other battles between opposing legions will not be fought at this point.) Creatures not killed in the battle are not counted in this segment. Next, each player will total the value of their living creatures and divide by two (Creatures not killed in the final battle are counted here). This "half value" plus the current score will be summed. The player with the higher value will be the winner. In the unlikely event the score is tied, the attacker in the final battle will be the winner.

Bruno Wolff and Brian Sutton will act as Assistant GMs.

Players unavailable Wednesday at 9 AM can arrange for a late start by checking in prior to 9 AM or emailing the GM before noon on July 30th.

 GM      Rich Atwater  [4th Year]  NA
    richintacoma@harbornet.com   253-759-2791

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