the russian campaign [Updated April 2006]

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   Lampeter     Paradise Terrace, Table 5

Doug James, NC

2005 Champion

2nd: Tom Gregorio, PA

3rd: Rob Beyma, MD

4th: Jeff Martin, CT

 5th: Allen Kaplan, NJ

  6th: George Karahalios, IL
Event History
1991    Rob Beyma      31
1992    Alan Frappier      26
1993    Ed O'Connor      20
1994    Jeff Martin      16
1995    Rob Beyma      16
1996    Tom Gregorio      20
1997    Gary Dickson      24
1998    Gary Dickson      27
1999    Gary Dickson     26
2000    Doug James     30
2001    Phil Evans     27
2002    Tom Gregorio     30
2003    Doug James     31
2004    Tom Gregorio     36
2005    Doug James     33

AREA Ratings:

GM: Tom Gregorio

TRC 2006: Sweet Sixteen!

As expected, The Russian Campaign will make its sixteenth appearance at WBC, amidst the rolling hills of Lancaster. The 2006 incarnation of the TRC tournament will feature the 4th edition rules, a ten-turn scenario, and one or more tournament-tested rule changes to further balance the impact of unseemly weather results in 1941. The competition will be fierce but that just makes the gaming that much more enjoyable!

ROUNDS: The SE component of the tournament will commence Friday at 9 AM although winners of the Thursday Mulligan Round can skip Round 1 and move directly to Round 2. Three SE rounds on Friday followed by two rounds on Saturday should ensure that things wrap up Saturday night. Yes, you will be tired after three games of TRC on Friday! War is hell. It is strongly recommended that those wishing to advance in the tournament participate in the Thursday evening round since winning there will give you a break in the schedule the next day by skipping Round 1.

TIME LIMITS: 5 hours per round with time clocks. (Supplied by the GM if necessary.)

CLASS: Beginners welcome. Demo Thursday night.

FORMAT: Mulligan Round leading to single elimination.

SCENARIO: 10-turn Barbarossa scenario.

SIDE DETERMINATION: Bidding using replacements for the Russians.

Contact the GM, at the address below for more details and visit for forthcoming event details.or this summer for event details as they become available.

 GM      Tom Gregorio  [7th Year]   1650 Chadwyck place, Blue Bell, PA 19422    484-744-1086

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