taj mahal [Updated April 2006]

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  Limerock    Paradise Terrace, Table 3   

Ian MacInnes, NY

2005 Champion

2nd: Tom Dunning, NY

3rd: Greg Thatcher, FL

4th: Charlie Kersten, OH

5th: Nick Anner. NY

6th: Eric Brosius, MA
Event History
2001    Tom Dunning     32
2002    Mark Guttag     46
2003    Greg Thatcher     36
2004     Nick Anner     46
2005     Ian MacInnes     54 

AREA Ratings:

GM: Steve Scott

shazzaam ...

Another in the fine line of Reiner Knizia designs brought to the US by Rio Grande Games. Ample opportunities to learn the game will be available in Cafe Jay in addition to the scheduled teaching demo Wednesday afternoon.. Play in as many heats as you like.

Taj Mahal is a card driven game with the winner determined by earning the most influence points. You can collect points by: 1) Connecting a network of palaces; 2) Collecting commodities; 3) Capturing chits off the board ;4) Each turn you have the princess and play her card; 5) Cards held in your hand at the end of the game. The game consists of 12 turns in which you visit 12 provinces and play your cards to gain the most influence points.

16 Winners or Alternates advance to the Semi-Final with four winners moving to the Final round.

Tie-Breakers for advancement will be:

1. Win in first heat entered

2. Total Wins

3. Win second heat entered

4. Greatest Margin of Voctory over runner-up

5. Runner-up in first heat entered

6. Runner-up in second heat entered

This allows players to continue to play without hurting their chances for advancement. Continuing to play will only increase chances for advancement, not harm them. Yet, a player may advance while playing in only one heat.

If insufficient qualifiers continue to fill 16 slots, only winners will advance and enough Alternates to fill four-player games for every available winner. Check the Alternate list on the event kiosk in the Paradise Terrace hallway to determine your chances of advancing.

 GM      Steve Scott  [1st Year]  NA
    sscott2753@aol.com   (NA)

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