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    Conestoga 1   

Ross Jones, SC

2005 Champion

2nd: Rob Seulowitz, NY

3rd: Doug Smith, PA

4th: Keith Wixson, NJ

5th: Chris Storzillo, NJ

6th: Phil Rodrigues, VA
Event History
1998    Doug Smith      32
1999    Jim Gutt     16
2000    Jim Gutt     16
2001    Robert Seulowitz     17
2002    Robert Seulowitz     16
2003    Doug Smith     18
2004     Henry Rice     20
2005    Ross Jones     18

AREA Ratings:

GM: Robert Seulowitz

Succeeding is a risky business ...

O [Boardgamers], what toil do I undergo to please you!
-Alexander the Great (sort of)

In keeping with what has become a Successors' tradition there will be a slightly different format this year. We will have two preliminaries, a Semi, and a Final round. The Semi will be two tables with 1st and 2nd place from each table advancing to the Final assuming the player fields remain similar to those of recent years.

Once again, the Successors Edition II Rules of Play ("2nd Edition Rules") developed by Mark Simonitch and John B. Firer will be used. Optional Rules 34-Asia Minor Fleet and 41-Tyche Card Modifications shall be used in all games, as were used in the past three years. No other optional rules shall be used. The Tyche Card Clarifications beginning on page 23 of the 2nd Edition Rules are part of the rules and will be used. The winner of each game shall be determined per Rule 2 of the 2nd Edition Rules. (Please note that to 'crown' an heir a player must control the heir and have a combined value of legitimacy and victory points greater than any other player, i.e. the player must be winning.) Second through last place in all games, regardless of how victory is achieved, will be determined by combined victory points and legitimacy points before turn five and victory points alone during or after turn five. If there is a tie, it will be broken as follows:
1. Victory Points (before turn 5 only).
2. Victory points plus legitimacy points (turn 5 only).
3. Greatest number of Macedonian CUs (Loyal, Royal and Silver Shields).
4. Greatest number of royal family members controlled (Alexander's body counts as a royal family member for tie breaking purposes.)
5. 2nd Edition rules trivia. (Closed book.)

There will be a sign in sheet at the Successors kiosk and all players shall sign in as they arrive for a round. Tables will be assigned as randomly as is possible with the caveat that an effort will be made to keep players from playing with the same opponents in different rounds. EVERY effort will be made to have only four player games during preliminary rounds. To that end the GM shall play in a round or drop out of a round as necessary to accomplish the goal of only four-player games. However, in the spirit of the competitive play of Successors, three- or five-player games will be allowed if absolutely necessary. If a three- or five-player game becomes absolutely necessary in any round the players in the three or five player game shall be determined as follows: First volunteers will be requested, if there are no volunteers or not enough to fill a game then GM and the last players to sign in shall play in that game.

As stated above, this year the format will be two preliminary rounds, a semi-final round, and a final. The semis will be "win and in," that is the winner of each preliminary game will advance to the semi-final round. If needed to round out an eight player field for the semis, the player(s) without wins with the most points as assigned below will advance. A player may play in as many or as few rounds as he/she desires. Points will be awarded for games as follows:






Auto Advance

Auto Advance

Auto Advance

















If there is a tie for points to make it into the Semi-Final, the tie will be broken as follows:
1. Fewest rounds played.
2. Most average victory points. (Total victory points for all rounds played divided by number of rounds played.)
3. Most average victory points plus legitimacy points. (Total victory and legitimacy points for all rounds played divided by rounds played.)
4. Past champion.
5. 2nd Edition rules trivia. (Closed book.)

Each table is required to fill out a results form, indicating player names, badge numbers, order of finish to include the total loyalty and victory points scored by each player at game end, and how the game ended (automatic victory, Heracles/Alex crowned, etc.). Results forms for each game are to be turned in by the winner to the GM and it is the responsibility of the winner to ensure completeness. Players are encouraged to check the results form and it is the responsibility of each player to ensure accuracy. Once a results form has been turned in and all players of a game have left the game area the results as listed are final.

Assistant GM's will be 'volunteered' at the tournament to assist in rules disputes, adjudications and/or any other matter that may arise requiring a ruling where the GM has a conflict. Players are encouraged to settle rules disputes among themselves. Any decision agreed to by all players at a game regarding a rules dispute is final. If a dispute can not be settled and agreed to by all players at a game then the GM (or in the case of a conflict, an Assistant GM) shall make a ruling and that ruling shall be final.

Each round will last six hours, an adequate amount of time to finish a full game. Should time expire, the current round of card play will be completed and the game will be decided by adjudication. In the case of an adjudication the GM (or in the case of a conflict, an Assistant GM) shall adjudicate each finish position not just the winner. The adjudicator shall attempt to determine and penalize the player(s) responsible for the slow play.

See for access to the file that contains the 2nd Edition rules on the Internet.

 GM      Robert Seulowitz  [1st Year]   26 Downer Ave., Scarsdale, NY 10583   NA

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