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GM: Dan Dolan Sr

last chance for wood on get away day ...

Street Soccer is the name in the Netherlands (Dutch: Straatvoetbal) for how soccer is played in parks or squares in cities and villages. In this game two Street Soccer teams play a 25 'minute' match. The soccer field is ten spaces long and six wide (plus spaces outside the lines). The two players of this game both are coaches of one team. Both coaches have five StreetSoccer player figures (incl. the goalie). A die determines your number of spaces to move one of your figures. If you reach the ball you shoot the ball by the unused number of pips on the die. The die makes luck a part of this game. But your choices, like which player you move to which field and where to pass the ball are very important. For the following turns you calculate chances for your opponent and yourself and you try to have your players in good positions for later situations.

Soccer is not a game one would anticipate being a favorite of Dan Dolan and his linebacker sons ... something more manly like good ol' Blood Bowl or at least American football comes to mind. But the real hurdle for this event at WBC won't be so much the sport choices of our attendees so much as the dearth of games. Street Soccer is not in wide circulation on these shores and a few copies won't go far in a two-player game. If you've got one, bring it.

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