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   Lampeter    Paradise Terrace, Table 5

Mark Miklos, GA

2003-05 Champion

2nd: Bruno Sinigaglio, AK

3rd: John Miklos, GA

4th: Derek Miller, VA

5th: John Vasilakos, VA

6th: James Miller, VA
Event History
1999    Mark Miklos     22
2000    Cliff Hansen     12
2001    Volko Ruhnke     16
2002    John Vasilakos     19
2003    Mark Miklos     23
2004     Mark Miklos     26
2005    Mark Miklos     28

AREA Ratings:

GM: Paul Stoecker

GMT's American Revolutionary War Series

This year's event features the following games from GMT's American Revolutionary War Series: Saratoga, Brandywine (Tournament Scenario), Guilford (Historical Scenario), Eutaw Springs & Savannah. The bad news is that the game's designer will not be on hand to GM the event for the first time. The good news is that he won't win the event for the fourth straight year. 2006 is guaranteed a new champion!

This year's format will be SINGLE ELIMINATION.

Seeding for the 1st round will be random and will be determined by Tournament Points (highest vs. lowest) for the subsequent rounds.

Sides will be determined by mutual agreement or by bid. Bids will be for Army Morale Points, in whole numbers, and a bid of zero is allowed. Players will bid the amount of Army Morale Points they will surrender from their At-Start Army Morale Track for the side they prefer. In the event of a tie bid, players will bid again. If after three bids the tie is unbroken, and players cannot agree on sides, they will roll a die. High die roll has choice of sides.

Important Information:
In Guilford a draw will be scored as an American Marginal Victory.
In Saratoga, the Optional Fog Rule will be in effect. The GM will designate a player to roll for fog and the outcome of that die roll will apply to all games of Saratoga played in that round.
In Saratoga, the Middle Branch Ford Rule, used in tournament play at WBC for the last several years, will be in effect. "Starting on turn 8, the American Player may subtract 1 from the Gates Release Die Roll during any turn in which the British Player does not control hex 1011. Control is defined as being the last to pass through with a Parade Order combat unit, other than artillery, regardless of enemy zoc."

Tournament Points will be awarded as follows:

DECISIVE Winner +4, Loser -2

SUBSTANTIAL Winner +3, Loser -1

MARGINAL Winner +2, Loser 0

DRAW Winner +1, Loser +1

If it is necessary to resolve a tie the sequence will be:

1st Cumulative Army Morale Point Differential

2nd Cumulative Victory Point Differential

3rd Die Roll

If a bye is necessary it will be awarded to the most recent past champion present. The bye will be scored as a Marginal Victory and the player receiving the bye will be awarded +2 Tournament Points. If necessary, after all past champions present have received byes, future byes will be given to the advancing player in each round with the best record.

This year's tournament will be a "B" event and a demo will be offered in Paradise Terrace beforehand.

Play will begin on Friday at 6 PM and will be continuous, resuming at 9 AM on Saturday morning. Each round up to the Final will last no more than three hours and games running long will be adjudicated by the GM and his assistants. A 15-minute set-up time will be allowed, off the clock, before each round. Finalists and the GM may agree to an alternate starting time by mutual consent. The Final will be played on a 6' x 4' version of Saratoga.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Saratoga will be the default game in every round of play if a player is unwilling to play the other games in the American Revolutionary War Series.

Medalists (plaque winners) will receive merchandise credits of $15 for 1st, $10 for second, and $5 for third courtesy of GMT.

 GM      Paul Stoecker  [1st Year]   NA   NA

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