the napoleonic wars 2-player [Updated April 2006]

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Geoff Allbutt, ON

2005 Champion

2nd: Lane Hess, PA

3rd: Ken Gutermuth, TX

4th: Scott Moll, VA

5th: Michael Isgur, NY

6th: Jim Lawler, NY
Event History
2003    Roy Gibson     26
2004     Scott Moll     16
2005    Geoff Allbutt     17

AREA Ratings:

GM: Roy Gibson

a pox on multi-player ...

Even the designer and developer of this game can't agree on whether the two-player or five-player versions of the game are the best. How do they expect the rest of us mere mortals to do so? Fortunately, we don't have to since both versions were voted into the Century during the 2003 membership vote. To each his own, and for some of us, a bit of both may be in the offing.

To avoid the problem of enforced inactivity caused by the Campaign Game's widely varying playing times, the tournament will use scheduled, rather than continuous, rounds of the Campaign Game.

Variable number of players will be accomodated using two- or three-player games as required to seat all players. This will accomodate between eight and 27 players in three rounds. If there are more than 27 players, a fourth round will be required. Should play require both two- and three-player versions, selection of which players will qualify for the two-player game shall be random.

Side selection in the three-player games will be random. Side selection in any two-player version will be by auction bid of removed units, with the high roller making the first bid.

Version 1.3 of the living rules will be in effect. See for a link to those rules.

 GM      Roy Gibson  [4th Year]   NA   NA

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