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   Paradise    Paradise Terrace, Table 4

Joe Harrison, KY

2005 Champion

2nd: Robert Eastman, NV

3rd: Benoit Groulx, QC

4th: Frank Hastings, MD

5th: Harrison Anderson, PA

6th: Matthew O'Connor, NJ
Event History
2004    Steve Lollis    91
2005     Joe Harrison    93

AREA Ratings:

GM: Mark Guttag

WBC Campaign 2006 moves East

Memoir '44 is a unique historical boardgame, which allows players to effectively portray stylized WWII battles. Like its cousin ACW Battle Cry, Memoir '44 WWII games play to a conclusion in an hour or less.

The format for Memoir '44 will be a predicted seven rounds, Single Elimination with a Mulligan Round. The Mulligan Round will be from 9AM to 11 AM on Thursday. The 1st Single Elimination Round will be at 9 AM Friday. The tournament will then run continuously for the rest of Friday. Based on the estimated number of players, there will probably be seven Single Elimination rounds. Each round players play twice against each other, switching sides. Best total medal count for both games wins the match. In the case of a tie, the player who inflicts the most casualties on his opponent wins. A final tie breaker will be drawn at random upon registering for the tournament, with players who bring games being rewarded with higher tie breaker numbers. Players who bring the Eastern Front Expansion will be able to draw two tie breaker numbers and keep the highest number.

The theme for this year's tournament is The Eastern Front. The first four rounds of the Tournament will use brand new scenarios:

7/21-31/4 - [Barbarossa] Russian Breakout

7/22/41 - [Barbarossa] Lipovec;

9/26-29/1941 - [Barbarossa] Sea of Azov

11/25-26/1941 - [Barbarossa] Battle for Rostov.

Days of Wonder is providing a booklet including all four scenarios to each participant in the tournament.

The remaining three Scenarios will be chosen from the Eastern Front Expansion for Memoir '44.

 GM      Mark Guttag  [2nd Year]   NA   NA

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