liberty [Updated April 2006]

  13   15     18    21      12

Lampeter; Paradise Terrace; Table 7

Bruce Reiff, OH

2004-05 Champion

2nd: Barry Smith, NY

3rd: David Metzger, NY

4th: Ric Manns, IN

5th: Mark Miklos, GA

6th: Rob Taylor, MI
Event History
2003    Evan Seary     18
2004    Bruce Reiff     43
2005    Bruce Reiff     25

AREA Ratings:

GM: Ric Manns

Liberty blocks ...

Tournament Information: All games at the WBC tournament will be AREA rated. Players should make sure they have the most recent version of the rules found at the Columbia Games website linked below and to the right.

Format: We will be playing a three-round swiss elimination tournament at the WBC. Each round will last approximately three hours. Players will be randomly paired for the first round and then they will be paired with players of similar records. Players will bid VP's to play the Americans. Players that bid the same will randomly pick who wins the bid (Place an Activation Card face down for bids 1-3, then reveal them at the same time, bids higher than 3 will take more than one card). The top four players will then advance to the single elimination part of the tournament (the top two will advance at Block Party). The tie breaker to advance to the SE portion are as follows:
1. The number of wins.
2. Head to head matches between the players.
3. The winning percentage of opponents.
4. Average AREA ratings of the opponents.

Players should make sure they have the most recent version of the rules found at the Columbia Games website.

Variants: The tourneys will NOT use any of the optional rules or variants.

Clarifications: A couple of clarifications from last year.....

Empty towns do NOT stop movement....they are an attack for weather ONLY.

Naval Choke Points - Stop all naval movement......

Players can check for more updates at

 GM      Ric Manns  [2nd Year]   241 Greenway Dr., Scottsburg, IN 47170   NA

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