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   Cornwall     Paradise Terrace, Table 5

Bob Titran, NY

2005 Champion

2nd: Ed Karpowicz, DC

3rd: Dave Metzger, NY

4th: John Emery, SC

5th: Mike Nagel, NJ

6th: Terry Coleman, BC
Event History
1999    Roger Taylor     21
2000    Mike Lam     30
2001    Mike Lam     24
2002    Andy Lewis     32
2003    Daniel Hoffman     36
2004    Chris Janiec     27
2005    Bob Titran     20

AREA Ratings:

GM: Chris Janiec

Down in Flames ...

Tournament Organization:
Down in Flames is GMT's series of card games simulating the air combat and campaigns of World War II. Per standard event rules, players are expected to bring copies of Zero! to be guaranteed a seat in the tournament. No other games or modules in the series are required, but players are encouraged to bring Squadron Pack #1 (Fighters) if possible. The GM will provide all other aircraft needed.

This fast-paced dogfighting game features a modified format this year to play even faster. Preliminary Double-Elimination Rounds will each consist of a single 6-turn dogfight between equally-rated planes that fought on the Eastern Front. Every contestant will receive 8 new aircraft cards for these rounds, featuring Martin Scott's beautiful artwork:

Round 1: 4 Hungarian Re-2000 vs. 4 Soviet I-16 tip 18
Round 2: 4 Finnish M.S. 406 vs. 4 Soviet LaGG-3
Round 3: 4 Romanian Bf-109E-4 vs. 4 Soviet Yak-1
Round 4: 4 Hungarian Bf-109F-4 vs. 4 Soviet Yak-7B (1943)
Round 5 (if necessary):
4 Italian C.R. 42 vs. 4 British Gladiator II

Following these rounds, 8 players will advance to the single-elimination rounds, in which each player will play two identical dogfights, switching sides:

Quarterfinals: 2 A6M2 + 2 Ki-43 vs. 2 Buffalo I + 2 Hurricane IIB
Semifinals: 2 G.50bis + 2 M.C.202 vs. 2 P-40C + 2 P-40F
Finals: 2 Bf-109E + 2 Bf-110C vs. 2 D.520 + 2 Po.631

Rules in Play:
All basic rules from Zero! will be used, incorporating the latest errata from the GMT website.

Standard Dogfight scoring applies: 5 points will be awarded for opposing aircraft destroyed, and 2 points for opposing aircraft damaaged (flipped) at the end of the fight, with a like number of points deducted for aircraft belonging to the player that were damaged or shot down. The player with the highest point total for the dogfight (or both dogfights combined in single-elimination) wins.

During the preliminary rounds, if players are tied at the end of six turns, they will play two additional turns using a chess clock. If still tied at the end of Turn 8, the player with the lowest elapsed time wins. All single-elimination matches will use a chess clock, and if still tied at the end of Turn 6 of the second dogfight, the player with the lowest elapsed time wins.

Additional prizes will be awarded by the GMs.

The winner will receive merchandise credits from GMT.

Chris LeFevre and Mike Lam will serve as Assistant GM.

 GM      Chris Janiec [1st Year]   NA   NA

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