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  Conestoga 3     Paradise Terrace, Table 2 

John Tighe, NJ

2005 Champion

2nd: Josh Githens, SC

3rd: Anthony Musella, VA

4th: Kevin Hacker, PA

5th: Stephen Quirke, WI

6th: Angela Collinson, MD
Event History
1991    Tim Flanigan       54
1992    Jeff Barnum       67
1993    Barry Smith       35
1994    Mike Stanley       47
1995    Mike Pantaleano       72
1996    Bruce Monnin       64
1997    John Jacoby       72
1998    Mike Stanley       84
1999    Frank Sinigaglio      74
2000    Mike Stanley      85
2001    Steve Katz      76
2002    Steve Katz      71
2003    Tom Saal     103
2004     Scott Sirianna       87
2005    John Tighe       87

AREA Ratings:

GM: John Jacoby

GM of the Year 2002

Conestoga 3 ... It Ain't the Colosseum but it beats Salon B

The big news this year is the reduction of heats from four to three with up to five races each in an attempt to thin chariot density per track and thus create faster races ... that, and the move to Lancaster has provided a bigger colosseum to house the cheering masses away from the offended ears of the more orderly game players.

Lash your way to victory in classic Ben Hur style or body surf across the finish line. Works either way. Take your choice. This is horse racing with an attitude from the days when men were men and horses were dogfood candidates. Let your opponent kiss the wall, lash his horses and introduce him to your sharp stainless steel hubcabs.

All three Heats and the Final will be run using traditional Circus Maximus rules. There will be 15mm miniature horses and chariots for up to five large tracks. The Heats will consist of up to five races each, with the winners advancing. Should more players attend any Heat than can be accomodated on five boards, preference will be given to those pre-registrants who have not yet played in a Heat.

A copy of the most commonly asked questions and rulings is available to anyone who writes to the GM in advance. The rulings will also be available at every heat to any participant.

For more details on the game Circus Maximus we suggest you visit:

 GM     John M. Jacoby 8th year] 102 Deerwood Rd., Charlottesville, VA 22911
   NA 434 973-3065

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