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GM: Jeff Billings

The Latest Card Game from Lost Battalion ...

This is a World War II naval action card game. Command the Axis or Allied navies. Play is quick and easy. Strategy is determined by the play of day or night sortie cards which determine the tempo of the game. BATTLEGROUP is being run for the first time this year. If you think this is just a World War II version of Lost Battalion's popular BRAWLING BATTLESHIPS STEEL, you could not be more wrong. This card game uses an entirely different game system and pits the Allied (Britain, France and the USA) navies against the Axis (Germany, Italy and Japan) navies in games where the timely play of the day or night sortie cards seizes the initiative and sets the game's tempo. The Japanese battleships are deadly at night but the American Essex-class carriers rule the daylight and the best ships may not always be available. This game for two, three or four players is an easy-to-learn, fun and fast-moving game.

Our tournament will feature two heats of 4-player games with 16 advancing to single elimination play. In all likelihood, all winners will advance, but if not, standard WBC MESE tie-breaker rules will apply.

MESE ADVANCEMENT TIE-BREAKERS: In Multiple Entry, Single Elimination events for multi-player games, players possibly qualify for Single Elimination play in the second round by winning any of up to four preliminary Heats. Occasionally, players may advance wihout winning a heat. Players can enter one or more Heats without limit. All MESE events for multi-player games consist of three rounds; an opening Round consisting of two to four Preliminary Heats, a semifinal and a Final. The semifinal round will advance a predesignated optimum number of players to fill the second round; i.e., 25 players for a five-player game, 16 players for a four-player game, etc. but in all cases will advance no more than half of all players which participated in the Preliminaries. If insufficient players advance to warrant a semifinal round, the scheduled semifinal will instead become the Final.

NEW MESE TIE-BREAKERS: A Preliminary Heat win will NOT in itself guarantee advancement. All MESE events will advance the optimum number of players to the next round based on the following tie-breakers without exception.
1. Win in first Heat entered
2. Most Wins
3.Win in second Heat entered
4. has brought a copy of the game if needed for next round; otherwise GM may substitute game specific tie-breaker
5. average finish in all heats entered; e.g., a 2nd and two 3rds = 2.67 and beats two 2nds and two 4ths (average: 3)
6.high dice roll

"Win and you're in" is no longer a given although it is a strong possibility. This system of tie breakers encourages repeat play in Heats without requiring it. A single win (especially in the first Heat entered) will probably advance that winner but is not guaranteed to do so. Conversely, players who continue to play additional heats after winning a Preliminary game only enhance their chances of advancement without damaging their prospects, but a player who wins their only Preliminary game will probably advance without investing further time in Preliminary play. Meanwhile, non-winners who continue in Preliminary Heats will have additional chances to qualify in search of that elusive first win since in most events, a single win will still advance you to a semifinal round.

 GM      Jeff Billings  [1st Year]   NA  
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