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  Cornwall     After Action Briefing: Hopewell

Keith Hunsinger, OH

2005 Champion

2nd: Paul Risner, FL

3rd: William Rohrbeck, NH

4th: Tony Musella, VA

5th: Kevin Coombs, GA

6th: John Poniske, Jr, PA
Event History
1992    Frank Alexander      32
1993    Kevin Coombs      35
1994    Kevin Coombs      32
1995    Paul Risner      31
1996    Robert Hamel      32
1997    Paul Risner      34
1998    Paul Weintraub      32
1999    William Burch     32
2000    John Conlon     29
2001    Jimmy LeVay     32
2002    Paul Risner     32
2003    William Rohrbeck     34
2004    Stephen Quirke     37
2005     Keith Hunsinger     36

AREA Ratings:

GM: Dave Terry

[Best GM Award 1996, 2001]

Six Top 6 GM Nominations

And Now for Something really Different ...

The mighty Eighth U.S. Army Air Force will again take to the skies over German-occupied Europe for three more historical-based missions, to battle the Luftwaffe and attack key wartime industries in the summer of 1943. And if last year was any indication, the Germans are in for a tough time because the raids are getting bigger. Our squadron flew in record numbers last year. This year we have a special mission planned that is not part of the game's original target set.

Players who participate in all three missions will be eligible for many consolation prizes, booby prizes and (thanks to assistant GM Mike Lam) air medals for various achievements or misfortunes.

New for 2006: B-17 will have an After Action meeting on Friday at 10 PM. Awards will be given out, and we will have an (optional) prize table. Each B-17 participant is encouraged to bring a prize (in the $5 to $10 range) to donate to the prize table. Suggested items are WW2 used books, ebay items, copies of B-17, etc. Everyone bringing a prize will be eligible to pick from the prize table based on the order of their finish in the tournament.

An example of past missions flown follows:

Mission#1 (Rennes):
Two DFC's (one B-17 fell out of formation and made it home without two engines, the other one stayed in formation but was badly shot up with half the crew SER or KIA).

Two Silver Stars (for Pilots staying in formation after losing pilot's compartment heat - one of these was the badly shot up B-17 above who stayed in formation for about seven zones without Frostbite!).

One Air medal (for highest bomb % for that run)                     

One Purple Heart (one B-17 with all KIA)

Mission#2 (Paris):
Two Air Medals (two bombardiers got 97% each!)

Three Purple Hearts (three B-17 crews all KIA - this was surprising since they were in the middle formation)

Mission#3 (Lorient):
One DFC (He was one of the last to finish - fell out of formation & returned alone)

Two Purple Hearts (two B-17 crews all KIA)

Two Air Medals* (A poor bomb run with two highest tied at 40%)

* One of the winners of this medal, John Poniske (3rd place), also was awarded the Silver Star & DFC from mission #1. He won a total of four medals in all; the Silver Star, the DFC, this Air Medal and a Purple Heart from mission 2.

Other Medal Winners for combined results for the 3 missions:
CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR (2): To John Ellman II (second year in a row for him with this "honor") and Mark Yoshikawa.

LEGION OF MERIT (1): Awarded to the bombardier with the highest combined bombing total with 122 (he was the player with a 20, 97 & a 5 in his three missions - barely beating out a player with 120 by getting that 5% on mission 3).

AIR MEDAL (1): Best Top Gunner, who shot down seven German fighters. Mike Lam also had seven kills by his Flight Engineer (who was one of three who survived the bailout over the Channel coming home from mission 3 after the fuel tank
caught fire). Might have won the tourney if it wasn't for that fire.

BRONZE STAR (1): Awarded to the player with three evaders (Henry Richardson )

POW MEDAL (1): Awarded to player with 16 POWs (he was one of the sons of a father/son entry)

As you can see, the inclusion of these medals has added a lot of flavor to the tourney and made it a much better event over the past three years. Mike Lam does this at his own cost and his efforts are greatly appreciated by all participants including, of course, the GM. Our hats are all off to Mike for another great year.

 GM      Dave Terry  [15th Year]  NA
    david.terry@jhuapl.edu   NA

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