attika [Updated April 2006]

  11+   15    16

   Wheatland  as part of Sampler Showcase Pre-Con

Nate Hoam, OH

2005 Champion

2nd: Jim Castonguay, PA

3rd: Bruce Reiff, OH

4th: Eugene Lin, WA

5th: Fred Minard, PA

6th: Jeff Mullet, OH
Event History
2004    Jeff Mullet    55
2005    Nate Hoam    54

AREA Ratings:

GM: Jeff Mullet

"Attika! as part of the Sampler Showcase Pre-Con

Each player oversees the building of his city-state. Temple, theater and oracle, a harbor with ships, vineyard with vintner, and many more must find space on the islands. Players must move fast to get the best land for themselves while blocking their opponents from good building spots. As building is expensive, players seek to save money by using the natural resources of the islands. Players also seek to organize their building in an order that gives them the best city-state.

Are you a eurogamer that laments the fact that all of the WBC Pre-cons heretofore have been wargames?  Now is your chance to get laurels before the WBC proper.  Attika is making it's debut as the first official euro Pre-con within the body of the Sampler Showcase Pre-Con..  We will start one hour before the Sampler Showcase so you can warm up for that event if you so desire. Play in Attika is free to Tribune level members. All others must be registered in the Sampler Showcase to participate.
Attika has been run its first two years as stictly a four-player game, with one or two three-player games as needed.  But I have had many requests for the two-player version.  So this year, we will give them their wish.  But since we will be playing two-player games, we will obviously need twice as many games as before.  So if at all possible, please bring your Attika game this year.
Attika will start at 11 am and will be run as a Swiss Elim tournament with four one-hour preliminary rounds.  In the past, the four-player games were given 90-minute rounds, but the two-player version is much quicker so a one-hour time limit will be enforced.
After the four swiss rounds are completed, all players with at least three wins will advance to single-elimination play.  Players with four wins will be seeded higher than those with three wins.  If any byes are needed, the players with four wins will have first crack at the bye.
There is no obligation to play in all four rounds.  Play in as many or few as you like.  But it will take at least three wins to make the single elimination playoffs.

 GM      Jeff Mullet  [2nd Year]   NA   NA

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