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  Marietta (Heritage July 29)   Paradise Terrace, Table 7

John Popiden, CA

2005 Champion

2nd: Bruno Sinigaglio, AK

3rd: Gary Dickson, CA

4th: Vince Meconi, DE

5th: Randy Heller, NH

6th: Bruno Sinigaglio, AK
Event History
1991    John Poniske      12
1992    Mike Crowe      15
1993    Joe Beard      20
1994    Joe Beard      17
1995    Phil Evans      16
1996    Bruno Sinigaglio      10
1997    Bruno Sinigaglio      25
1998    Gregory Smith      23
1999    Gregory Smith     24
2000    Randy Heller     20
2001    Lane Newbury     29
2002    Vincent Meconi     29
2003    Jon Lockwood     22
2004     Randy Heller     30
2005    John Popiden     20

AREA Ratings

GM: Jon Lockwood

afrika korps as part of Grognardcon

once more behind the sand dunes ...

Grognardcon is a special Pre-con consisting of an amalgam of eight of the old classic hex-style wargames under the watchful eye of GM Bruno Sinigaglio: Afrika Korps, Anzio, Bulge '81, Fortress Europa, Gettysburg, Panzerblitz, Panzergruppe Guderian and Waterloo. All eight use the Free Format scheduling device which allows players to schedule preliminary games at their convenience. Play as many or as few preliminary games as you like but only your best three results in each game will determine the four finalists to advance to Single Elimination play at the end of the week. Each event will be turned over it its own GM on Tuesday for reolution in the normal manner - the only difference is that participation in Grognardcon gives you three additional days to qualify with preliminary games in the events of your choice. Play at Grognardcon is free to all Tribune level members and subject to an additional fee for all others.

WBC FREE FORM FORMAT. This Tournament uses a Swiss Elimination format for the preliminary rounds followed by a Single Elimination format for the four players with the best performances during the Swiss segment. Entrants may play multiple games during the Swiss segment, which begins during the PRECON on Saturday, 29 July 2006 and which concludes during the CON on Friday, 4 August 2006. Best performances will be determined as described below in paragraph 4.

SCHEDULE. The schedule consists of three segments, GROGNARD PRECON Swiss, CON Swiss and CON Playoffs (Semifinals and Final).
a. GROGNARD PRECON SWISS. The PRECON Swiss Segment consists of four daily heats: Saturday 0900, Sunday 0900, Monday 0900 and Tuesday 0900. The PRECON Swiss Segment continues through Tuesday, 1900 hours, 1 August 2006,
whereupon the CON Swiss Segment begins. Essentially, the PRECON Swiss Segment simply continues unabated into the CON.
b. CON SWISS. The CON Swiss Segment consists of four daily heats: Tuesday 1900, Wednesday 1000, Thursday 0900 and Friday 0900. The Swiss Segment ends on Friday at 2300 hours, at which time the four players with the best performances during the Swiss Segments will advance into the Playoffs.
c. CON Playoffs. All games played during the Swiss Segment, which includes the PRECON Swiss and the CON Swiss, will be used to determine the four best players. The two-round playoffs begin Saturday, 5 August 2006 with the Semifinals at 0900 hours.

OFFICIAL RULES: The official tournament rules in effect will be the 3rd edition (1980) rules, supplemented by the interpretation of those rules as set forth in the Avalon Hill General Vol 18, No 1 article by Frank Priessle. Copies of these will be available for players who need them prior to the start of the tournament.
LOCATION: The primary location for the GROGNARD PRECON start of the tournament will be Heritage starting Saturday at 9 AM and in the Marietta on Sunday through Tuesday 5 pm. Regular CON play will take place in the Marietta through Friday evening.
AREA RATINGS: Although AREA ratings will NOT be used to determine pairings, All games in this tournament will be AREA rated. All players without an AREA rating will be given a starting rating of 5000 for tournament and recording purposes.
PAIRINGS: Pairings in the Free Form system are made with whomever is available to play during either the GROGNARD PRECON or regular WBC. Players receive 10 points for each win and 0 points for a loss. Players must play a minimum of three games to be considered for the playoffs. If there are ties, then strength of schedule is used. For example, for each game that your top three opponents have won among them, you receive a bonus of 2 points each. This scoring system gives players an incentive to seek out the strongest players for matches early on.
SIDE DETERMINATION AND BIDDING FOR SUPPLIES: The following procedure will be used to determine sides:
1. Each player will hide an AFK piece of the color indicating the side they wish to play (blue for British, pink for Germans). They then reveal their choices simultaneously. If the sides selected are different, play proceeds as normal using the AFK supply table to determine supplies.
2. If both players want the same side, they MUST BID SUPPLIES FOR SIDES.
The procedure is as follows:
The players bid a supply handicap for their choice of sides. The two players will roll a die to determine who begins the bidding, with the higher die roll being given that choice. If both players want the German side, the number bid represents the number of extra supplies the British player can declare "sunk" in addition to those that are sunk by the supply table during the course of the game. For example, if the German player has bid two supplies for the right to play his side, then the British player has the right to sink any two supplies that the German would otherwise receive as a result of his supply roll at the beginning of the turn. (Given the vagaries of the supply table, this can get really nasty.) If both players want the British side, then the number bid represents the number of "free supplies" that the German may get during the game. The German player may choose to claim these supplies right at the beginning with his initial setup, or he may use them to nullify any "sunk" result on the supply table during the course of the game. Once the bidding has been completed and sides determined, players should write down any supply handicap that was bid on their 3X5 cards for that game and keep track of the number used.
KEEPING NOTES ON GAMES: On a separate sheet (which the GM will provide) players should make notes about the distinguishing features of their individual games so that your friendly GM will be able to record the noteworthy events for the WBC Yearbook entry on the AFK tournament. The more material I receive, the more justice I will be able to do to the tournament players in the writeup. That should be enough for your planning purposes.
A FINAL NOTE: Although matches are not being timed due to the GROGNATD PRECON and Free Form tournament format, rule disputes may still arise. In the event that I am not around to rule on disputes, or it happens to be a game I am playing my three Assistant GMs, Bruno Sinigaglio, Randy Heller, and Vince Meconi will rule on any disputes, or in extreme cases, adjudications of games. Because of this tournament format, it is in the interest of all players to play as quickly as reasonably possible.

 GM      Jonathan Lockwood  [7th Year]   P.O. Box 3436, Reston, VA 20195-1436   703-471-7906

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