war of 1812 [Updated April 2006]

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   Ballroom A;  Paradise Terrace, Table 5   

David Metzger, NY

2005 Champion

2nd: Jeff Cornett, FL

3rd: Mark Miklos, GA

4th: Scott Cornett, FL

5th: Matt Calkins, VA

6th: Ric Manns, IN
Event History
1999    Robert Mull     22
2000    Charles Hickok     26
2001    David Metzger     20
2002    David Metzger     21
2003    David Metzger     26
2004     Matt Calkins     35
2005    David Metzger     33

AREA Ratings:

GM: Justin Thompson

Blockheads at war ...

Tourney Format: We will be playing a three-round swiss followed by two Single Elimination rounds for the top four players. Games will be capped at two hours and adjudicated as necessary. No such adjudications were required last year. The first round will be seeded by AREA ratings. All games will be played to a win or loss; no draws.

Players will play for the ten point VP. After the last turn of the game if there has not been an automatic victory, the player with the most VPs will win. If tied, the player with the most enemy cities and points from the lakes will win the first tie breaker. If still tied, the most troop points wins. If still tied, a die roll will decide it.

Tie breakers for advancing to the SE rounds will be:

1. number of wins
2. head to head record
3. Winning % of all opponents
4. Area ratings of all opponents

We use two variants or House Rules:

Replacements: Each player may add one CV to a unit that can trace supply back to Quebec (British), Albany or Pittsburgh (US) each odd number turn. That is a total of five per campaign year.

Unlimited Naval: Each side can rebuild Naval forces as long as they never have more than six in play at a time.

Players that both agree may use the unofficial Advanced rules by Jim Lawler found at the CG website. However, if either player refuses, then we play according to the most recent version and the tournament variants. The biggest differences in the latest version of rules from Columbia are the Force March Rules. Columbia's latest version also includes Dragoons.

More info will be at the website http://www.geocities.com/beefer19/war_of_1812.html

 GM      Justin Thompson  [1st Year]   121 Faith Dr., Troy, VA 22974 
    kingmaker96@mindspring.com   434-295-2540

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