1776 [Updated June 2006]

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   Lampeter     Paradise Terrace, Table 6

Steve Packwood, MN

2003-05 Champion

2nd: David Dockter, MN

3rd: John Barrett, MN

4th: Matt Burkins, MD

5th: Robert Frisby, VA

6th: Phil Rennert, MD
Event History
1993    Mark Miklos      16
1994    Steve Packwood      12
1995    Steve Packwood      12
1996    Rod Coffey        9
1997    Steve Packwood        8
1998    Rob Beyma      12
1999    Steve Packwood       8
2000    Steve Packwood       9
2001    Steve Packwood     10
2002    Rob Beyma     16
2003    Steve Packwood     10
2004    Steve Packwood     15
2005    Steve Packwood     18

AREA Ratings:

GM: Matthew Burkins

the first of the date games

Tournament Format
A continuous, single elimination tournament featuring the first nine months of the Campaign Game. Players will bid strategic towns to play the British side. Pairings for the first round of play will be random. The number of rounds played will be determined by the number of entries. All players, regardless of experience, are welcome to play, but the game will only be taught at the beginner's session.

Prize List
The winner receives an 8" WBC Championship plaque and a Centurion T-shirt. Second and third place winners receive plaques.

Tournament Officials
Matt Burkins will be GM again this year. An assistant GM will adjudicate any disputes involving any games the GM is playing. Feel free to write to the GM at the addresses below with any questions about the tournament. A website is maintained at http://www.avalonhillclassics.com

Special Tournament Rules
All rounds will be the first nine months of the Campaign Game. The players will bid for the British side. Both players roll one die and the player with the higher die roll starts the bidding. If the die rolls are tied, re-roll until one player gets a higher roll. The winner of the die roll then bids the number of strategic towns he will control as the British side to obtain victory. The opposing player must then beat that bid if he wants to play the British side. The players continue to bid in turn until one of the players no longer wants to bid. The player with the high bid then takes command of the British units. The British player wins by controlling the number of strategic towns bid at the end of the September 1776 American turn; the American player wins if the British player controls fewer towns than the bid. For victory conditions only, Montreal and Quebec both count as strategic towns for a total of 24 possible strategic towns in the game. All optional rules except inverted and decoy counters will be used.

Bidding History for the 9-Month Campaign Game at the WBC:

 British Bid

British Wins

British Losses



















Rules Interpretations
The 2nd edition rules will be used. An upgrade kit to convert 1st Edition Rules to 2nd Edition Rules can be found at

Ignore Basic Game Rule VI.E. on page 6 of the 2nd edition rules. There is no movement point cost to place units on the board.

The ports of Quebec, Philadelphia, and Wilmington (Delaware) are considered frozen during Winter months.

The Continental Navy cannot act as a troop transport or a ferry.

Late Arrivals, Long Games and Byes
GMs are strongly encouraged to keep to the schedule. Please be on time. Late arrivals will only be accommodated to facilitate the filling of a match to the desired number of players. A player is considered late if he has not submitted his badge to the GM before the GM has finished the pairings for all the players who are already present and waiting to start.

Once again, due to scheduling concerns, the GM will (with the utmost reluctance) adjudicate a game that exceeds the time limit. The GM will provide notice at one hour, thirty minutes, and fifteen minutes prior to the end of the round.

Byes will be avoided or postponed whenever possible. A first round bye will be given to the most recent past champion present. If additional byes are necessary, they will be given in order of past champions until all past champions have a bye. Any additional byes will be given to players with a copy of the game, followed by players without a copy of the game. No person will receive a second bye until all remaining players have received one. A bye counts as a full win.

Changes from Prior Years
Chess clocks will be provided and used. Each player will begin the game with 90 minutes on the clock to use for movement. The clocks are not used for initial set up and the combat phases. Once the time has run out, a player can no longer move, although he may still attack. Time has run out when the red flag drops at 12:00.

Anyone who brings a copy of the 2nd edition of the game is assured a place in Round 1. However, every effort will be made to accommodate those persons who wish to play but do not have a copy of the game.

 GM      Matthew Burkins  [7th Year]   2917 Smithson Dr., Forest Hill, MD 21050-1901 
    Mattburkins@aol.com   NA

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