Updated 4/20/2014

    20     21

    9, 13, 17, 21

    9, 13, 17, 21      9      


  Lampeter       Terrace 4

Arthur Wines, PA

2013 Champion

2nd: Rich Atwater, WA

3rd: Tom Johnston, IL

4th: Akihisa Tabei, jp

5th: Kevin Hillock, VA

6th: Dan Strock, PA

Event History
1991    Steve Rareshide      43
1992    Kevin Quirk      48
1993    Brian Sutton      58
1994    Chuck Kaplan      67
1995    Steve Koleszar      65
1996    Ben Foy      66
1997    Dave Finberg      72
1998    Jung Yueh      78
1999    Dave des Jardins     51
2000    Rich Atwater     60
2001    Steve Koleszar     55
2002    Ed Rothenheber     51
2003    Dave Finberg     60
2004     Aaron Fuegi     39
2005     Dave des Jardins     51
2006     Kevin Hillock     38
2007     Aaron Fuegi     45
2008     Jason Ley     37
2009     Dave Finberg     42
2010    Aaron Fuegi     38
2011    Dave Finberg     43
2012    Dan Strock     37
2013    Arthur Wines     36

Bruno Wolff, WI
2014 GM

Best GM Award 1999

3 Top-Six GM Nominations



Still a Titanic Struggle … but on different days

The multiplayer Titan event is designed to allow both casual and serious players to participate. The preliminary games are played Tuesday through Thursday with games starting at 21 Tuesday and 9, 13, 17 and 21 on Wednesday and Thursday. This remnant of the original 1991 format has been grandfathered into WBC and remains the only event allowed to have more than four scheduled heats so take advantage of it while it lasts. On Friday at 9 the top 16 players in the preliminary rounds will play semifinal games and on Saturday at 9 the four semifinal winners will play the Final.

Games will be 3- to 5-player. You may play in as many preliminary games as you want, but only the first six will count towards your ranking for advancement. The top 16 players advance to the semis.

Players may play in more than six games, but as an eliminator only.

The ranking for advancement to the semifinals is as follows:

The qualifying tie breakers, in order, are firsts, seconds, thirds, fourths, titan kills, opponents’ firsts, opponents’ seconds, opponents’ thirds, opponents’ fourths, opponents’ titan kills, lowest game number of the last game started, lowest tower number of the last game started. However, finishing last in a 3- or 4-player game will NOT credit you with a third or fourth, respectively. This system makes ties an impossibility.

I have a web page describing things in more detail at: http://wolff.to/titan/bpa.html.

 GM     Bruno Wolff III  (20th year)   NA 
   bruno@wolff.to   NA

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