adel verpflichtet

Updated 4/16/2013

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   Ballroom B       Strasburg

Ray Stakenas II, CA

2012 Champion

2nd: Jeff Cornett, FL

3rd: Tom DeMarco, NJ

4th: Robert Voisin, NY

5th: John Pack, CO

6th: Mark Geary, OH
Event History
1991    Ray Pfeiffer      23
1992    Terry Tegler      34
1993    Tom DeMarco      55
1994    Ralph May      49
1995    Beth Barnard      65
1996    Ray Pfeiffer      32
1997    Thomas Stokes      54
1998    Marc Geary      64
1999    Ray Pfeiffer     46
2000    Richard Irving     40
2001    John Pack     58
2002    John Pack     47
2003    Thomas Browne     60
2004    Marc Houde     52
2005    Ray Pfeifer     35
2006    Mark Geary     31
2007     Tom DeMarco     51
2008     Louis Gehring     64
2009    Phillip Yaure     47
2010    John Pack     58
2011    Derek Landel     35
2012    Ray Stakenas II     43

Tom DeMarco, NJ
2013 GM



Two less Rounds to Glory ...

Some formats stand the test of time. Others give way to the times. After many years, we introduced a streamlined version of Adel competition in 2009 which cut two games off the wood making process.

In Adel Verpflichtet, also known as Hoity Toity and By Hook or Crook among others, players assume the roles of eccentric aristocratic collectors who attempt to buy the greatest collection of obscure items at the auctionhouse and exhibit them at a number of grand halls; the best exhibits gaining prestige and movement around the board. But beware! Thieves may appear at the auctionhouse to steal the money paid for items or steal the items themselves when exhibited. And when a Detective appears, the Thieves get caught and must spend some time in prison, while the Detective also gains movement around the board. Finally, when at least one player crosses the line to the final table, all the players have a final exhibit and the one who ends up farthest along the track is the winner.

Everyone plays three games in Round 1, each of which will last 45-50 minutes. However, players have joined in the second round and still managed to advance after missing the first round so it is possible - if not easy. Players earn points based on their finishing position in each game. Based on how many have played all three games, up to 25 of the top scorers will advance to a single semifinal round. The top five will advance to the Final for the wood.

50+ players:     25 advance for five 5-player games. Five winners advance to the Final.

40-49 players: 20 advance for four 5-player games. Four winners & best 2nd advance.

30-39 players: 15 advance for three 5-player games. Three winners & two best 2nds advance.

20-29 players: 10 advance for two 5-player games. Two winners, two 2nds & best 3rd advance.

<20 players:     No semifinal. Top five advance directly to the Final.

The "best" 2nd or 3rd is:

1. The farthest advanced on the track.

2. The largest set of cards.

3. The oldest card in the set.

4. The highest Round 1 score.

5. A coin flip.

 GM      Tom DeMarco [6th Year]  720 Wood Lane, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077-3976   NA

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