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Laurels, By Player Last updated June 13, 2017

Laurels earned from 1999 through June 13, 2017, are displayed. Players are listed in alphabetical order by last name.
Select a letter from the drop-down list to skip to that portion of the alphabet.


The top laurelist in each section of the alphabet is pictured below.
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A (Nick Anner) B (Marvin Birnbaum) C (Bill Crenshaw) D (Tom Drueding)
E (John Emery) F (Arthur Field) G (Ken Gutermuth) H (Nick Henning)
I (Richard Irving) J (Doug James) K (Robert Kircher) L (Jason Levine)
M (Stefan Mecay) N (Dennis Nicholson) O (Bill O'Neal) P (James Pei)
Q (Steve Quirke) R (Bruce Reiff) S (Bruno Sinigaglio) T (Greg Thatcher)
U (Michael Ussery) V (John Vasilakos) W (Keith Wixson) X-Y (George Young)
Z (Michael Zorrer)