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Last updated 7/31/2017.

The BPA’s largest event is the annual World Boardgaming Championships® (WBC) where about 2,000 people from around the world
compete to be named champion of their favorite boardgames. Competitions are scheduled in 150+ games consisting of the Century and Trial events. WBC also offers open gaming, Juniors events, demonstrations, seminars, an auction and auction store, and vendors.

WBC 2018 will run from July 21 to July 29 at Seven Springs Resort in Pennsylvania.

But, how do I attend? Glad you asked.

To attend the WBC, you need only become a member of the BPA (Boardgame Players Association).
That's it. When you become a member, you are purchasing your WBC ticket. The earlier you join, the more money you save.

Click here for the application.

Only 2017 E-Mail Memberships are currently available online. Beginning 12/1/17, all levels of 2018 membership will be available online.

If you still have questions about attending—please ASK us.

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