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2022 Sportsmanship Award Winner Last updated February 11, 2023

Ty Hansen has been named Sportsman of the Year for 2022 by appearing on 25% of the 380 ballots and receiving 26% of the votes cast in the annual membership vote. Ty Hansen earned praise in Star Wars Rebellion. Throughout the tournament, Ty was gracious and accommodating to all opponents. He accepted his opponents’ requests to play with the base game or expansion every time. He patiently helped opponents with the rules in the early rounds, including a teaching game with one player. In the Final, his opponent was unfamiliar with the expansion being used, so he offered to make his hand of tactics cards open to his opponent. These cards are normally private but experienced players usually have them memorized and can play around them. Ty made sure his opponent would not have a tactical disadvantage due to inexperience. Nominated by the GM.

His competition was Tim Hitchings with 17% of the votes. Tim was nominated by the GM of Memoir '44. In the second game of a 2-game match , where Tim had lost the first game 2-6, Tim’s opponent was winning 2-0 and played the “Finest Hour" Card. While his opponent was making his moves, Tim offered to reshuffle the deck and he accidentally shuffled his hand into the deck. Tim conceded the game and two Assistant GMs adjudicated how the score should be counted. Also, Tim regularly recommends Sportsmanship candidates when he sees them and has always exemplified good sportsmanship himself.

The remaining top six nominees were Ed Menzel with 15%, Sean McCulloch with 15%, David-John Pack with 7%, and Peter Staab with 7%.