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2019 Sportsmanship Award Nominees Last updated December 3, 2019.
Without any further ado, let's present the class of 2019, and as always, it is a deserving group. The following individuals, listed alphabetically, were just some of the many nominated for the reasons indicated below and owe their appearance here to both their own actions and the fervency of their sponsors in relating it to the BPA. As is our practice, all BPA members are urged to vote for one of the following when submitting their membership form and voting for Trial events before January 31, 2020. Reward a good sport with our biggest prize … free lodging at the next WBC.
Small World - Kevin Emery, during round 6, pointed out to another player who was somewhat new to the game, a rule that he was not aware of. He didn't need to send reinforcements to where the dragon is because he is immune to conquest. If the player followed this advice, it would have made it more difficult for Kevin to take over his territories. Nominated by the GM.



Breakout Normandy - Ron Fedin taught a game during the mulligan round, then returned , despite going through to the second round to play another new player as a teacher/eliminator. Nominated by the GM.



Castles of Mad King Ludwig & Vegas Showdown - Micah McCormick, in Castles, realized that the GM had made an error in calculating the Semifinal qualifications, notified the GM, and therefore failed to qualify for the semifinals.

In Vegas Showdown, a mistake was discovered at the final scoring of a semifinal in Vegas Showdown where one player had placed a tile without the prerequisite. The GM was called over to adjudicate the game, however it was complicated as the placement had indirect effects on the game tha was not reflected in the final game state. Just removing the offending tile from the final game state would have put Micah McCormick in the lead on points. However, Micah along with the rest of the table discussed the game and reached a unanimous decision about who should advance from the table. That individual was not Micah, who essentially ceded his spot in the final by not pressing for a decision in his favor. Nominated by both GMs.
Battles of the American Revolution - Rob McCracken pointed out that a column shift was missed on a critical attack by his opponenet. When that was adjusted, Rob lost position that eventually lost him the game and allowed his opponent to advance to the next round. His opponent eventually made it to the Final. He could have remained silent but he honorably pointed out the error, costing him the game and the chance to advance. Nominated by the GM.



Advanced Civilization - Marc Visocnik helped multiple new players during the qualifying heats. These players told the GM afterwards that because of the atmosphere he provided, they plan to play again. Nominated by the GM and Missy Youells.

According to Missy Youells, "This is the first year I have played Advanced Civilization and while I had a few tutorials from my husband, Jon Anderson and the 75 minute YouTube tutorial, I had not played the game before coming to WBC. Marc was very helpful during my game, with no gain for himself. He could have used the fact that I was new to his advantage and probably would have won the game, but he did not. He gave me tips and helped me with strategy and was very encouraging. I have tried to play new games at WBC before, attending the demo and then playing and have never found someone so helpful."



Voyages of Marco Polo - Connie Vogelmann, after the 2nd demo, was paired with two new players. Connie helped both of them work through the rules and gave strategy advice when they were struggling with some of the concepts. Nominated by the GM.



Evolution - Amy Whitesell was a great ambassador of the game. She was demoing the game to many players who were interested before the heats. She kept every game that she was in lively and fun. She also handled the destruction of one of her game components by a young player with calm and class. Nominated by the GM.



Honorable Mention: George Bott, York Dobbins, Ryan Feather, Mark Giddings, Keith Onderko, Robert Riggs, and Rob Schneeberger.