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WBC 2018 Teams

Last updated 7/17/2018.



The TEAM tournament is CLOSED for new submissions.
Send the name of the team (up to 20 characters, including spaces), the name of each team member,
and his or her team game to the convention director at
For more information see the Team Overview page.


Teams are listed in rank order, based on odds generated by the Happy Handicapper. (FIXED 7/15/18.)
Check out the Happy Handicapper's Commentary.
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NOTE: Power Rating is the sum of the players' Baton Ratings.
Click on the graphic to see a larger version.
Harry B’s Nest of Spies Western PA Social Club The Seigelmen
Number 1
Rank 1
Power Rating 492
Odds 21-1
Bruce Beard 8xx
Harry Flawd PDT
Bruce Monnin WAS
Ken Gutermuth EPB
Number 55
Rank 2
Power Rating 488
Odds 21-1
James Pei FTP
Robert Kircher C&K
Chris Byrd HRC
Ron Fedin MMW
Number 60
Rank 3
Power Rating 405
Odds 26-1
Jeff Mullet SJN
Thomas McCorry KRM
Trella Bromley EPB
Bruce Reiff FBS
Number 34
Rank 4
Power Rating 366
Odds 28-1
Randy Buehler AGE
Sceadeau D’Tela ORL
Andrew Emerick GWT
Steven LeWinter PGD
Band of Fools Hold On To Yer Butts Greenville Mafia: Tattaglia EPGS1: Wabbit’s Wevenge
Number 10
Rank 5
Power Rating 353
Odds 30-1
Richard Beyma GBG
Gary Dickson TRC
Ray Freeman TIM
Tom Gregorio SWR
Number 30
Rank 6
Power Rating 352
Odds 30-1
Nick Henning GWT
Karl Henning GXT
David Meyaard ELC
Jon Gemmell B17
Number 21
Rank 7
Power Rating 311
Odds 34-1

Bruce Young

Scott Pfeiffer BRI
Josh Githens CMS
Justin Rice HIS
Number 40
Rank 8
Power Rating 311
Odds 34-1
Eric Freeman STA
Rob Flowers NVG
Greg Thatcher AMR
Craig Moffit E&T
Uncivil Servants Me and 3 Stiffs Robbing Peter to Pay Paul MIT SGS
Number 16
Rank 9
Power Rating 304
Odds 34-1
Ewan McNay RRY
Ty Hansen SWR
Kevin Youells ACV
Chris Trimmer WOR
Number 52
Rank 10
Power Rating 297
Odds 35-1
Keith Wixson WNW
Marvin Birnbaum TFM
Henry Rice MAN
Dennis Nicholson WAS
Number 48
Rank 11
Power Rating 261
Odds 40-1
Paul Risner B17
Peter Pollard SQL
Chris Storzillo ABN
Kaarin Engelmann HIS
Number 33
Rank 12
Power Rating 256
Odds 41-1
Martin Sample CBC
Bob Sohn ABN
Dave Finberg TTN
Aaron Fuegi TT2
No Maly Greenville Mafia: Corleone Mantis Shrimp Rage Quit
Number 70
Rank 13
Power Rating 254
Odds 41-1
George Young WWR
Bill Edwards ATS
Bob Heinzmann CBC
Pete Reese POG
Number 20
Rank 14
Power Rating 245
Odds 43-1
John Emery UPF
Kevin Emery TFM
Bill Beckman SSB
Bryan Collars B17
Number 18
Rank 15
Power Rating 234
Odds 45-1
Andy Latto T&T
Eugene Yee VSD
Rodney Bacigalupo STA
Eric Brosius EPB
Number 49
Rank 16
Power Rating 232
Odds 45-1
Bill Dyer FDE
Quinn Dyer DUN
Lee Proctor BRS
Brad Johnson RRY
Gaming Speed Bumps Iron Meeples Gang Greene ACTS Whisperers
Number 5
Rank 17
Power Rating 231
Odds 46-1
Craig Yope HWD
Robert Frisby AFK
Rich Irving FI5
Jon Lockwood WAS
Number 38
Rank 18
Power Rating 217
Odds 49-1
Grant LaDue WNW
Nels Thompson BKN
Bill Peeck WWR
Kevin Wojtaszczyk RA!
Number 12
Rank 19
Power Rating 211
Odds 50-1
Robert McCracken TRC
Mark Miklos BAR
Rod Coffey MMW
Andy Lewis SFR
Number 43
Rank 20
Power Rating 210
Odds 50-1
Peter Stein CCA
Sean McCulloch BAT
Chris Kizer WOR
Lisa Gutermuth FMR
Fight of the Concords Beach Bums The Flying Circus Dice Monkeys
Number 71
Rank 21
Power Rating 195
Odds 54-1
Ashley Worley ALH
Carter Waite TTA
Rebecca Roppolo ING
Jeff Meyer ELG
Number 35
Rank 22
Power Rating 187
Odds 57-1
Ed Beach GCA
Matt Beach CMK
Sarah Beach IVH
David Cross CQP
Number 9
Rank 23
Power Rating 183
Odds 58-1
Bert Schoose WAT
George Karahalios TRC
Gregory Hultgren 775
Greg Tanner PZB
Number 25
Rank 24
Power Rating 180
Odds 59-1
Ed Menzel WAT
Bob Hamel WAS
John Sharp VIP
Greg D. Smith GBG
Team Delaware XXV Dice Loving Canucks:
We Win Our Teammates Games 3 Yanks & A Brit
Number 39
Rank 25
Power Rating 178
Odds 60-1
Tim Hitchings WAS
Vince Meconi GBG
John Kirk M44
Verity Hitchings SMW
Number 56
Rank 26
Power Rating 177
Odds 60-1
Robb Effinger ORL
Duncan McGregor CNC
Allan Jiang AGE
Sky Winslow Roy CMK
Number 41
Rank 27
Power Rating 157
Odds 68-1
Robert Murray TAM
Kyle Smith T&T
John Corrado BRS
Joel Lytle 7WD
Number 67
Rank 28
Power Rating 157
Odds 68-1
Barrington Beavis BAT
Bobbi Warczak RA!
Steve Scott ALH
Mark Love MCK
Too Many Hugs Four Random Dudes Ghost Division Pardon My French
Number 68
Rank 29
Power Rating 153
Odds 69-1
Christina Harley ACV
Charles Drozd VIP
Robert Drozd WAS
Ted Drozd FI5
Number 53
Rank 30
Power Rating 152
Odds 70-1
Curt Collins II SFR
Haakon R. Monsen FDE
Michael Swinson 7WS
Lucas Heinz AGE
Number 46
Rank 31
Power Rating 124
Odds 86-1
Gareth Williams NW5
Jim Eliason VIP
Bob Malcolmson BKN
Kevin Hammond SJN
Number 11
Rank 32
Power Rating 119
Odds 90-1
Francois de Bellefeuille AUT
Dominic Blais 7WS
Pierre-Luc Ramier GWT
Anthony Lainesse T_G
ADM Warriors Dice Loving Canucks:
Sgt. Pepper’s Bigger on the Inside
Number 3
Rank 33
Power Rating 118
Odds 90-1
Michael Day AOR
Warren Day ROR
- -
John Pack VIP
Number 58
Rank 34
Power Rating 115
Odds 93-1
Noah Drummond MMA
Andrew Drummond SPD
Sarah Stewart 5TR
Adam Hurd VSD
Number 61
Rank 35
Power Rating 115
Odds 93-1
Steve Shambeda ACQ
Max Jamelli ABN
Cliff Ackman TTR
Robert St. Pierre LWD
Number 62
Rank 36
Power Rating 115
Odds 93-1
Geoffrey Heintzelman M44
James Denam DUN
Jeff Cornett MED
Tina Del Capio RDG
The Redscape Formula Lions of Winter FIRE Naps Are Underrated Greenville Mafia: Cuneo
Number 13
Rank 37
Power Rating 112
Odds 95-1
Michael Polcen CCN
John Welage WPS
Don Tatum CFR
Joshua Coyle COH
Number 31
Rank 38
Power Rating 112
Odds 95-1
Keith Dent TFM
Chris McCurry ELG
Eric Ho AGR
Chad Walker T_M
Number 27
Rank 39
Power Rating 109
Odds 98-1
Christopher Yaure LBY
Deb Yaure BRH
Joe Yaure WOR
Cally Perry RDG
Number 24
Rank 40
Power Rating 108
Oddss 99-1
Keith Hunsinger ACQ
Danny Lewis LAS
Miles Rogers B17
Melody Loder DOM
School of Sharks LOL Gamerz The Other Shea Family Local Yokels
Number 50
Rank 41
Power Rating 106
Odds 101-1
Michael Dauer POG
Alex Gregorio SWR
Bill Morse BWD
Alan Zasada TRC
Number 64
Rank 42
Power Rating 99
Odds 110-1
Chric Bauch MMA
Emily Bauch NVW
Sarah Bauch IVH
Terry Coleman SSB
Number 51
Rank 43
Power Rating 106
Odds 110-1
Philip Shea BRS
Patrick Shea NVG
Jessica Shea ACQ
Elizabeth Shea TAM
Number 59
Rank 44
Power Rating 85
Odds 130-1
Chad Weaver DOM
Dusty Usner CAR
Erik Schlosser ALH
Richard F Miller TFM
Mighty Dice Train Conductors Carlisle Conspiracy TooShea
Number 6
Rank 45
Power Rating 84
Odds 130-1
Randall MacInnis HRC
Tim Miller WAT
Michael Mitchell FTP
Henry Russell NW5
Number 47
Rank 46
Power Rating 83
Odds 130-1
Debbie Gutermuth MOV
Bart Pisarik EPB
Jeff Jackson UNP
Roger Jarrett COB
Number 19
Rank 47
Power Rating 81
Odds 130-1
Charles Squibb TTA
Suzanne Taylor ING
Jonathan Squibb MBT
Stephen Squibb ACS
Number 63
Rank 48
Power Rating 81
Odds 130-1
Lynda Shea ALH
Michael Shea SFR
Lexi Shea SMW
Jordan Shea TTA
Lions of Winter ICE Mountin’ Laurels Only On The Weekends T.O.E.S.
Number 32
Rank 49
Power Rating 79
Odds 140-1
Lumin Sperling AGR
Derek Glenn SJN
Susan Waterbury VSD
Micah McCormick TFM
Number 65
Rank 50
Power Rating 78
Odds 140-1
Mike Kaltman VSD
Claire Kaltman TAM
Timothy O'Flynn STA
David Borton NVG
Number 36
Rank 51
Power Rating 75
Odds 140-1
John Conlon LST
Evan Hitchings TT2
Angela Bender CMS
Nora Frank TTA
Number 54
Rank 52
Power Rating 74
Odds 140-1
Brandon Buchanan EGZ
Franklin Downing ORL
Ryan Feathers T_M
Dan Hoffman CNS
Sweep The Leg I Like Waffles The Philly Special (Plus Brad) Epic Fail!
Number 42
Rank 53
Power Rating 69
Odds 160-1
Jeff Burdett TCS
Michael Kiefte HIS
Sam Burdett 775
Bailey Burdett GXT
Number 66
Rank 54
Power Rating 66
Odds 160-1
Jennifer Visocnik EVL
Marc Visocnik SPD
Nathan Barhorst ACV
Alfred Schnabel SWR
Number 8
Rank 55
Power Rating 65
Odds 160-1
Samantha Berk MMS
Dalton Versak BAT
Ashley Kilroy TTR
Bradley Raszewski MAN
Number 29
Rank 56
Power Rating 63
Odds 170-1
Michael McKibbin KRM
Denise McKibbin CAR
James McKibbin ADV
Jeff Ridenour AOR
Princess & The Frogs Greenville Mafia: Barzini Kromp-On-Krewe Let The Fest Begin!
Number 15
Rank 57
Power Rating 61
Odds 180-1
Antony Saccenti EGZ
Donte Saccenti TFM
Holiday Saccenti TTR
Scott Saccenti STA
Number 22
Rank 58
Power Rating 61
Odds 180-1
Ralph Gleaton UPF
Carl Sykes ACQ
Jeff Spaner CBC
Bill Burtless AOA
Number 14
Rank 59
Power Rating 59
Odds 180-1
Christopher Godfrey HIS
Roger Taylor MMS
Paul McCarthy HWD
Phil Rodrigues NW5
Number 7
Rank 60
Power Rating 56
Odds 190-1
Frithjof Theens SPD
Goran Kero PGD
Bjorn von Knorring MAN
Lars Mattsson AGR
Los Lobos Locos Pixel Juice Wheat, Chit and Die The Procrastinators
Number 17
Rank 61
Power Rating 55
Odds 190-1
Ray Wolff SPG
Tricia Wolff COB
Jack Wolff EVL
Sam Wolff ORL
Number 28
Rank 62
Power Rating 54
Odds 200-1
Joe Sallen SPD
Geof Gambil CNC
Brad Sherwood PRO
Carmen Petruzzelli MED
Number 45
Rank 63
Power Rating 51
Odds 210-1
William Herbst ROR
Jarett Weintraub ACQ
Vincent J. Malia SWR
Stephen Altbacker BRS
Number 44
Rank 64
Power Rating 48
Odds 220-1
Anthony Bosca TAC
Nicole Bosca NVG
Ryan Romanik RA!
Stephen Aslett LBY
Enumerated Powers Robo Dobby Dice Loving Canucks:
Team Werewolf
Dominant Pieces
Number 26
Rank 65
Power Rating 36
Odds 300-1
Michael Powers RFG
Robert Powers DUN
Aidan Powers BAT
Tegan Powers SJN
Number 69
Rank 66
Power Rating 35
Odds 300-1
Felicia Alfieri CNC
Steven Alfieri TTR
April Willis 5TR
Dylan Quintana CMK
Number 57
Rank 67
Power Rating 28
Odds 400-1
Orla Mitchell LID
Conor Masterson CNS
Sarah Drummond KOT
Dimitrios Alexis COB
Number 37
Rank 68
Power Rating 27
Odds 400-1
Chris Wildes SPL
Ed Gilliand PRO
Ming Hon DOM
Jared Scheuer PGD
Two Off The Top Greenville Mafia: Stracchi RPI Gaming Club  
Number 4
Rank 69
Power Rating 17
Odds 600-1
Henry Allen CAR
Eric Meader FDE
Travis Griggs CNC
Brian Hixon PGD
Number 23
Rank 70
Power Rating 3
Odds 4000-1
Robert Eno SCY
Jay Matthews M44
Peter Morzinski NW5
Tim Rogers KPR
Number 2
Rank 71
Power Rating 2
Odds 5000-1
Richie Massimilla IOV
Maximus Lana EVL
Eric Jacobson RFG
Anthony Veschi SWM

Unofficial team logos courtesy of Dave Dockter, Kaarin Engelmann, and Max Jamelli. Some logos provided by the teams.