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2018 Sportsmanship Award Winner Last updated February 13,2019

Paul Gaberson has been named Sportsman of the Year for 2018 by appearing on 25% of the 480 (a record number) votes cast in the annual membership vote. Paul Gaberson earned praise from his opponent in the final of Wilderness War. According to Keith Wixson, his opponent and the GM of Wilderness War, “In the championshi Game, Paul reminded his weary opponent of an obscure victory condition that alled him to make a final attack with his last card to win the game. Had he remained silent he would have won his fifth Wilderness War Title."

"Paul is well known in card-driven games circles for being a gentleman and a gracious player and his behavior in the final shows how well earned his reputation is. Paul is a credit to the hobby and deserves to be recognized as such.”

His competition in what quickly evolved into a two-candidate race was Tom DeMarco with 22% of the votes. Tom was nominated by GM Rob Kirchner and Andrew Drummond for his sportsmanship in Santa Fe Rails. Tom, during his game, helped a new player which hurt his position throughout the game. According to Andrew Drummond "In a game of Santa Fe Rails this year, I played with Tom DeMarco and a player who had never played the game before. Tom did his best to help the new player despite his struggles and as a result lost a number of key positions throughout the game. At all times, Tom was incredibly helpful and never showed any frustration despite how much the game was swung against him."

The remaining top six nominees were Timothy Manley with 12%, Jeff Miller with 10%, Matt O'Connor with 8%, and Melvin Casselberry with 7%.