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2017 Sportsmanship Award Winner Last updated February 23,2018

Michael Dauer of Houston, TX, has been named Sportsman of the Year for 2017 by amassing nearly 23% of the 467 (a record number) votes cast in the annual membership vote. Michael Dauer earned praise from his opponent. According to David Sherwood, “I played in the Here I Stand tournament. I had never played the game before (but had wanted to for a long time). I went to the 1 hour demo beforehand to learn how to play. The demo gave an overall sense, but the game is quite complicated, having a 40+ page rulebook.

In the game, I was the Protestant faction and Mike Dauer was the Papal player, who is the main rival of my faction. According to the other players, Mike was the most experienced and best player at our table, definitely the favorite to win the heat. Throughout the game, Michael not only helped me with the rules, but also with strategic and tactical considerations. I’m sure I played sub-optimally, probably poorly, but I was extraordinarily lucky with dice rolls. In almost every conflict my faction had with Michael’s, no matter how poor my odds were for me, I out rolled him, and even went on to win the game!

Even though it was hurting his position and he was losing the game, he continued to help me throughout, and never once showed any sign of frustration over his unlucky dice and my good fortune. He was congratulatory at the end of the game. All of the other players at the table were impressed by his display of exceptional sportsmanship, and noted that he should be considered for the award. Mike singlehandedly made what would have been a very intimidating experience for me, playing in a very competitive and involved gamer the first time with strong players, into a very enjoyable one. It was the highlight of my WBC experience. He demonstrated the epitome of "good sportsmanship.”

His competition in what quickly evolved into a two-candidate race was Andrew Drummond with 18% of the votes. Andrew was nominated in Star Wars Rebellion. Andrew Drummond loaned the GM his copy of the game to use in rounds that he could not attend to maximize the number of players who could play. When he did have one round that he could play, he borrowed a copy from another friend so that he wouldn’t need to use his own copy. When we had an odd number in the one round he could play, he gave up his spot so a new player could have it, leaving a copy of the game for them to use.

The remaining top six nominees were Antony Saccenti with 14%, Jen Brown with 12%, Harry Flawd with 9%, and Rob Kilroy with 7%.