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2017 BPA Seminars  
Armistice Meeting (K. Gutermuth)
Sunday @ 8 – Sunburst Forum
The way-too-early start of the drive home begins with the BPA’s top Annual Awards and ends with discussion of the week in review

BPA Annual Meeting (K. Gutermuth)
Tuesday @ 15 – Ballroom
BPA annual meeting with reports from the Chairman, President, and Treasurer as well as the presentation of the Hobby Service Award

Catholic Mass (Seven Springs)
First Sunday @ 10 – Sunburst Forum
First Sunday @ 11:30 – Sunburst Forum
Sunday @ 10 – Sunburst Forum
Sunday @ 11:30 – Sunburst Forum
Weekly Catholic Mass hosted by Seven Springs

Christian Religious Services (G. Petroski)
First Sunday @ 7 – Snowflake Forum
Sunday @ 7 - Snowflake Forum
Interfaith Service to give thanks for another year of fellowship – and maybe a few good dice rolls. Couldn’t hurt…

Condos, Chalets, & Cabins (Seven Springs)
First Sunday @ 13 – Snowflake Forum
Tuesday @ 13 – Snowflake Forum
Saturday @ 10 – Snowflake Forum
Seven Springs will be offering a seminar on alternative lodging at the resort including Condominiums, Chalets, & Cabins

Ethics in Gaming Part 11 (J. Tamburo)
Wednesday @ 21 - Dogwood
The annual roundtable discussion of how our personal and group ethics intersect with our gaming lives (and other such topics) continues for our second year at Seven Springs! Bring your thoughts and ideas and let us reason together!

Game Design (L. Pulsipher)
Friday @ 18 – Dogwood
Annual Game Design discussion with Lew Pulsipher

Korea 1950: Intelligence Failure or Hubris? (P. Martinson)
Saturday @ 19 – Dogwood
Why were UN forces surprised by the large-scale intervention of the Chinese in Korea in 1950? Was it an intelligence failure? Or was it the hubris of senior leaders? This seminar will examine that question through a combination of presentation and discussion.

Mage Wars Spellbooks (T. Cannon)
Thursday @ 16 – Dogwood
Friday @ 14 – Dogwood
Friday @ 20 – Dogwood
Learn the Advanced rules including Mage Abilities and customizing spellbooks. The Seminars are a great way for new players just learning the game to receive coaching and ask questions about the advanced rules.

Red Dragon Rising; A Coming War with China? (P. Martinson)
Friday @ 17 – Dogwood
There can be no doubt that China is a rising power and is challenging the accustomed dominance of the United States, particularly in the Asia Pacific. Will this challenge result in war? If so, where and how might it occur? This seminar will examine those questions through a combination of presentation and discussion.